What is Argan Oil and why is it so good for my skin?

According to those in the beauty industry, argan oil is a magic little potion – 100% pure and natural – that’s suitable for pretty much every skin type. With a high volume of antioxidant properties, vitamins A, C & E, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids, it’s said to be the perfect, luxurious treat to pamper your skin, hair and lips with.
For dry parts of your body (from your face to your nails) argan oil is said to work perfectly as a moisturiser, while its anti-oxidant properties act to heal and soothe the skin and help the growth of new cells.
Argan oil has become – and continues to be – one of the most sought after anti-ageing products on the market. This pure extract from the argan fruit is thought to have been the Berber’s beauty secret in Morocco for thousands of years.
According to Argan Liquid Gold founder May Hamid, no other pure oil performs as well to protect the skin and help reduce the signs of ageing. Argan Liquid Gold
May swears by the oil, with which she grew up thanks to her Moroccan background and has since produced her own skincare range – infusing argan oil with 24 carat gold.
“Argan oil has an amazing ability to regulate sebum production,” she says. “By using just a few drop of argan oil in your palm and gently patting over your face, you will notice your skin will start to look more nourished and hydrated.
“Due to its high volume of anti-oxidant properties and vitamin E, argan oil is a perfect solution to battle with the issue of premature ageing. I use a few drops of argan oil at the last stage of my daily skincare routine to help seal off my makeup.
“The oil acts as a barrier and not only does it restore the elasticity of your skin, but it will reduce the visibility of wrinkles and pores.
“Having used argan oil from childhood, I have learnt that there are some amazing uses for it. You will be surprised, but Argan Oil can also be used as a lip balm and as an effective split-end treatment for your hair.
“The oil can also be used as a nourishment for your cuticles and even as a bath oil. The roasted version of argan oil is used for cooking, confirming that no matter what form it is in, the purity and benefits are perfect for humans!
“The most important piece of advice I can offer for those searching for a pure argan oil is to look out for cheap imitations. Some farmers may mix argan with cheaper oils to increase the yield, other brands may create formulas but reduce the purity levels of the argan oil to reduce costs.
“Pure argan oil is magic in a bottle that cannot be enhanced – you get the best results from oil that has been untouched. A real bottle of pure argan oil will only have one ingredient – Argania Spinosa Kernel – sourced from Morocco.
“At Argan Liquid Gold, we take pride in the purity of our argan oil, which means we personally go to Morocco to oversee the extraction and ensure the oil is untouched at any stage of the production.”
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