A cup of tea a day could keep glaucoma away

Great news for those of us who love a cup of tea! A new study has found that, due to its high Vitamin A content, a traditional cup of tea could help to lower the risk of glaucoma

Dr Catherine Hood of the Tea Advisory Panel said:A new study in 1,678 adults published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology has found that enjoying at least one cup of tea daily was associated with a statistically significant 74% reduced risk of being diagnosed with glaucoma.

“This is an irreversible condition where a build-up of pressure in the eye can result in sight loss. No beneficial effects were seen when participants drank caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, iced tea or soft drinks.

 “Around two million people in the UK live with sight loss according to the RNIB. A major cause is glaucoma which is thought to be responsible for one in ten people who register as blind.

 “This study found a significant reduction in risk when people dank tea regularly. A reason for this health benefit could be the link between tea and its high flavonoid content as these compounds are known to have many health antioxidant properties.

 “While the mechanisms involved in this study need to be explored further, it would appear that drinking at least one cup of tea daily could help to prevent conditions such as glaucoma which cause irreversible sight loss.”

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