Edinburgh escape room to offer Scotland’s first mazeophobia therapy

Escape Reality in Edinburgh is set to run Scotland’s first behavioural therapy sessions to help people suffering from mazeophobia (a fear of getting lost) following new research which has highlighted just how prominent the phobia really is.

The attraction, which is Edinburgh’s newest immersive escape room experience, will be running a series of seminars from Monday, 30 July to help people become desensitised to unfamiliar surroundings.  

Although mazeophobia isn’t recognised in any medical dictionaries or textbooks yet, treatments, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and systematic desensitisation, do exist.

“Mazeophhobia is a common fear, which appears to be more prevalent than first expected,” says Alice Hall, operations manager at Escape Reality.

“People get anxious and scared in new and unfamiliar surroundings outwith their usual settings. Systematic desensitisation works by exposing phobia sufferers to the fearful situation one step at a time.

“That’s what we’re planning at Escape Reality. These events are looking to help people who have mazeophobia – and want to overcome this – by trying out these rooms (these new surroundings) one step at a time.”

Escape Reality’s new workshops are to be rolled out at other branches across the UK pending their success in Edinburgh.

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