Sunscreens don’t deliver the protection we think they do

A recent study shows we may be getting less than half the protection we think from our sunscreens — with huge numbers of Brits potentially suffering sunburn as a result.

Scientists at King’s College London found that 50-SPF sunscreen – applied in a typical way – would provide no more than 40% of the expected protection.

They are now recommending we all use a much higher SPF sunscreen than we think necessary to make sure we’re protected from sun damage.

Back in December, the same researchers revealed that seaweed could hold the answer to environmentally friendly sunscreen. 

Most current formulations contain synthetic UV radiation filters which can make their way into water systems and harm fragile marine life, such as fish, coral and micro-organisms.

But the palythine compound (a mycosporine-like amino acid) found in seaweed could could protect human skin from the harmful effects of the sun without damaging marine ecosystems.

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