Plant-based milks – what are they good for?

We thought today’s (Wednesday, 22 August) World Plant Milk Day was a great excuse to taste test some of the growing variety of non-dairy milk drinks we’ve seen popping up in our health food shops and supermarkets – so that’s exactly what we did.

We chose a variety of different dairy alternatives, including Hazelnut, Oat, Hemp, and Coconut Milk-based drinks and pitted them against each other in our tea, coffee and cereal and cooking and ranked them in order of diversity. This is what we found:

  1. Our favourite by far was the unsweetened coconut milk-based drink, which was less sweet than the others and didn’t alter the taste of our tea, coffee or cereal.koko unswe For this, we chose Koko Dairy-Free Unsweetened + Calcium Chilled Milk Alternative, whose main ingredients are filtered water and coconut milk, with added calcium and vitamins B12 and D2. To thoroughly check out the brand, we also tried the New Koko Dairy-Free Peach and Passionfruit Alternative, which is soya and dairy-free with vitamins B12 and D2 and non-dairy yoghurt culture S.Thermophilus and L.Bulgaricus and tastes great!

2. Our second favourite was the Oat drink, for which we chose Alpro Oat Original Longlife Milk Alternative. Again, the taste was subtle in tea and coffee and palatable in cereal. Other alternatives in the range include Almond, Coconut, Rice and Soya and Alpro offers some great recipes over on the website.

3. Third was Alpro’s Hazelnut Original drink, whose flavour we found very intense and altered the taste of our tea. Our favourite way to consume it is to have it as a standalone drink given its strong, nutty flavour. It’s 100% plant-based and virtually lactose-free, with added vitamins D, E and B12, which can contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

4. The drink we ranked fourth is Good Hemp Ambient Milk Original from Braham & Murray which we found incredibly sweet. For pouring over cereal and in smoothies and tea, we recommend the unsweetened version. Both are great sources of omega-3 and calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth.


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