Why 2019 could be the year of witchcraft…

Witchcraft isn’t just for Halloween, it’s a growing trend that’s here to stay, says Centre of Excellence founder Sara Lou-Ann Jones

Although the Centre of Excellence offers more than 1,000 online courses on all sorts of topics – from candle making and yoga, to life coaching and beauty therapy – it’s the psychic and supernatural courses which have really soared in popularity in 2018, says founder Sara Lou-Ann Jones.

According to Sara, the appetite for Wicca (boosted by the #wicca and #witchesofinstagram hashtags on Instagram, which now have more than 1.8 million and nearly 2 million posts respectively) shows no signs of slowing down.

“Our psychic and supernatural courses are doing phenomenally well this year, with 20,000 sold in the past six months alone,” says Sara.

“Learning more about alternative medicines, treatments and spirituality has never been so popular and I predict the trend is set to continue to rise in 2019.”

The best-selling Centre of Excellence psychic and supernatural courses this year are:

  • Wicca and Advanced Wicca Diploma Courses (combined)
  • Psychic Development Diploma Course
  • Palmistry Diploma Course
  • Hedgewitchery Diploma and Audio Courses
  • Psychotropic Plants Diploma Course
  • Magical Herbalism Diploma Course
  • Kitchen Witchery Diploma and Audio Courses
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