Bee propolis could boost your immunity against common bugs and colds

If you work closely with the public, it could mean you’re exposed to lots of bugs and colds. But library assistant Crystal Crooks has found that taking a daily supplement of bee propolis has helped to build her resistance against them.

“As well as being susceptible to colds and flu, I recently discovered during a routine cervical smear that the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) has been present in my body for the last three years, despite not having any symptoms,” says Crystal.

Crystal Crooks Bee Propolis

“My body wasn’t able to clear the virus on its own and I ended up needing treatment. Afterwards – and while I waited for my follow-up appointment – I was determined to do everything I could to boost my immunity. Bee propolis

“I started taking Bee Prepared Daily Defence and have never looked back. The HPV has cleared and I haven’t been getting frequent sore throats like I used to.

“I feel like my body is finally getting well again.”

Bee Prepared Daily Defence is designed to strengthen the immune system and allergy response – combining therapeutic amounts of bee propolis, olive leaf, elderberry, acerola cherry and beta glucans.

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