Online apps could help to bridge the gap between good health and effective NHS services

Public satisfaction with the NHS has fallen to its lowest level for more than a decade, the BBC has reported.

But online health apps could help to bridge the gap between disease prevention and effective NHS care, says Dr Zeeshan Akhtar of Scout Health.

“There is increasing pressure on GPs to see and treat all sorts of conditions,” says Dr Akhtar.

“As this research has found, public satisfaction has fallen to its lowest level for over a decade. We need to find a solution that benefits both the NHS and the members of the public and encourage a system where we can put proactive, preventative healthcare first.

“This will give consumers the opportunity to talk to healthcare professionals in advance of going to their GP, thereby reducing the immediate waiting time issue.

“Preventative online apps, which offer patients a chance to forge a relationship with a reputed doctor to review their health, will not only make sure patients can get to know a doctor personally, but also give them a chance to discuss any concerns ahead of making an appointment with a GP.

“At Scout Health, we work alongside GPs and the NHS to reduce the burden and delays.”

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