Could reishi mushrooms hold the key to anti-ageing?

In ancient China, emperors were the only people allowed to eat reishi mushrooms. Dubbed ‘the mushroom of immortality’, they were incredibly rare and thought to be able to extend life. Now, it’s thought that there may be more to their life-extending properties than just myth.

New research published this month shows that scientists have been able to extend the life of worms by feeding them extracts of the mushroom.

Researchers gave nematodes (a kind of worm) extracts of reishi mushrooms and found that their lifespans were significantly increased.

They found that the extracts appeared able to affect 34 different kinds of genes involved in the aging process – so much so that it helped to slow down the normal aging process.

While nematodes are a long way from humans, this latest study adds to a growing body of evidence highlighting the powerful health benefits of reishi including in helping to protect the brain (by preventing brain cells called neurons from dying) and having various different anti-oxidant activities (anti-oxidants help fight oxygen free radicals – the main culprits thought to be behind aging skin).

Tea fit for an emperor
Herbal Tea specialist Natur Boutique has launched new Reishi Tea to make it easy to include reishi mushrooms in our diets.

The drink is made with organically grown reishi, without the use of pesticides of synthetic fertilizers, to give the tea an unparalleled level of purity.

Expert blenders have combined the mushroom extracts with liquorice, star anise, peppermint and a little stevia to create a drink which is said to not only benefit your body, but your taste buds too.

The tea is available from Grape Tree or the Natur Boutique website.

Please note: Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor before use if suffering from a medical condition or taking medication. If in doubt over the tea’s suitability for you always ask your doctor.

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