The vitamin D deficiency symptoms to look out for this Spring

We might have just encountered the UK’s hottest Easter Monday on record but, according to natural health company BetterYou, it’s likely we Scots are still lacking in vitamin D.

The inconsistent British weather and our typical indoor lifestyles mean we are likely to stay covered up and unexposed to sufficient direct sunlight in April – which ultimately inhibits the body’s synthesis of vitamin D.

According to BetterYou, the optimum time of day for our bodies to produce vitamin D is between 11am and 3pm. It’s just a small window of the day when most of us are likely to apply sunscreen to protect us from sunburn and, ultimately, the penetration of Vitamin D-activating UVB rays.

BetterYou says April is, therefore, an essential time to test vitamin D levels.

“While it’s true that our levels of vitamin D start to increase as the Spring and Summer months come around, April can be a month in which levels remain low as people spend time indoors or covered up,” says BetterYou’s nutritional expert and new product development executive, Keely Berry.

“Low levels of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ can manifest as low mood, headaches and aches and pains to name just a few, and as these symptoms are not exclusive to vitamin D deficiency, it’s not surprising that 88 per cent of people have never tested their levels.”

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