Green People sun lotion switches to sugar cane packaging

Green People has launched new, plant-derived packaging just in time for Summer.

The clean beauty brand, whose sun lotion is one of only a few worldwide that’s safe and non-toxic to marine life, is relaunching its award-winning products with a new, easy-to-wear formula in sugar cane packaging.

“Green People is continually looking for alternative environmentally positive packaging solutions as we maintain our endeavours to create a business that has minimal impact on the environment,” says the company’s Ian Taylor.

Modern plastic packaging is largely derived from non-renewable fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming. But Green People is looking to carbon-neutral sugar cane plastic, which comes from plants farmed on sustainable land in Brazil.

The company says the raw material is planted far from areas of rainforest, on land deemed unsuitable for food production. It claims using this degraded pasture land helps soil recover for future use as farmland.

While sugar cane is being cultivated, it captures CO2 so efficiently that sugar cane plastic is actually carbon negative. Green People says that for every kg produced, 3.09 kgs of CO2 is removed from the air.

Green People’s full-size sun lotions are the first to feature this new packaging, with the brand looking to switch all packaging, where possible, to recycled or renewably-sourced material by 2022.

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