5 tips for Earth-friendly travel

There are lots of sustainable accommodation options around the world, from eco-friendly hotels, to treehouses, campsites and eco-lodges.

And, as well as choosing a sustainable place to stay, there’s lots you can do to make sure your trip is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here, Culture Trip shares its 5 top tips for the carbon conscious:  

1.   If you’re flying, buy carbon offsets. Flying is a major source of pollution, but passengers have the choice to pay a few dollars extra to offset their carbon emissions. Carbon offsets are sometimes offered by the airline when you purchase your ticket – for example, by Delta Airlines, Air New Zealand or JetStar – as a fee you can add to your purchase; but if your airline doesn’t give you the option, you can also reach out to a number of organisations, such as Climate Care in the UK.

2.   Take ground transportation to get to your location. Spending a bit more time traveling by bus or car can greatly reduce your carbon footprint, as can taking public transportation once you’ve arrived.

3.   Carry reusable bags and your own silverware (just like you might at home) in case you choose to buy some souvenirs or buy food.

4.   Eat local food. It can be expensive and wasteful to produce food in climates where it’s not usually grown. Plus, this gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in some food tourism, delighting in the local cuisine.

5.   Avoid littering. This especially includes food, as it can damage local ecosystems if local wildlife starts feeding off “people food” instead of its usual diet.

Head to Culture Trip for more on how to be a considerate travellereco-friendly travel destinations and environmentally-friendly travel tips.

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