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By understanding and nourishing our core energy systems, we can become the best possible version of ourselves and live our best lives, writes Heather McCabe of the Complementary Healthcare & Wellness Centre in Falkirk

Core energy is the very essence of life itself. Core energy is our spirit, or soul. It’s the energy source within our bodies that makes us who and what we are and, in many ways, defines our purpose in life.

It also helps to influence the decisions and choices we make and is one of the most important energies we have, if not the most important.

It’s the energy that starts and fuels our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy each day. Yet most people know very little about it.  

Understanding your core energy can help you:

  • Define your purpose
  • Understand your unique life essence
  • Know your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Feel inspired and see the value in yourself and others
  • Boost your emotional energy for personal and business relationships and personal or self-development
  • Have more energy to complete both daily and life goals
  • Maintain focus and structure

Positive core energy can also help to prevent self-punishment, self-criticism and self-sabotage; comparing ourselves to others in a negative way, and negative attitudes towards ourselves and others.

How it works

Core energy cleansing can give you a better understanding of how and why you may be hurting or affecting yourself physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
It can create relaxation within and reduce stress and anxiety levels and help break cycles of dependency or addictive behaviours.
Core energy cleansing removes negative core energy blocks that can stop you focusing and achieving, and adjusts the flow of energy to your body systems – bringing your body into inner and outer balance.

It can also help you to sleep and rest better by making sure your energy levels get an opportunity to recharge. In turn, this can help to accelerate healing, increase creativity and support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

“More than 30 years ago, I embarked on a journey to learn about inner energy and the energy sources and systems in our bodies,” says Chad McCrae, co-founder of Core Energy Cleansing and The Ancient Art of Healing.

“As a natural healer and clairvoyant, I was fortunate to have many gifts – with the ability to heal myself and others.

“But I wanted to acquire the knowledge to be able to help others achieve their true potential and everything they aspire to be.

“I sought answers about myself and how energy affected myself and others. Realising that with low or negative energy, we can’t achieve what we really want.  

“I made it my goal to discover what makes energy, both positive and negative, within us and how to maximise the positive energy to help us drive forward with all that we want to achieve in life.

“On this journey I discovered that many of the natural healers and gifted people I encountered all over the world had just as many questions as answers relating to the energy systems they used and the healing techniques and abilities they used to heal others. 
“They wanted to know: Could we combine our shared knowledge into one energy system to better understand our energy needs? 

“Could there be a more simplistic approach, incorporating the ancient traditions and teachings and utilising our modern understandings?

“Is there an inner energy system that we are not familiar with or do not know of as yet?

“Could we improve our own personal and self-development if we had a better understanding of our energy and energy sources?

“Of course, the answer is yes to all of the above. Everything we teach and pass down is for the greater good.

“One of the most difficult things I had to overcome is that most cultures passed down its most valuable and effective teachings through word of mouth and demonstration only. 

“Of course, there’s knowledge in books and scripture and there are lots of courses available. But, in my opinion, they never tell the full story and have often been diluted over time.  
“I discovered that – by combining lots of ancient techniques, from Egypt, India, America, Greece, the Middle East, Africa, China and Columbia – our inner core energy system can be harnessed and used to maximise our full core energy power.

“This, in turn, maximises all the energy systems in our bodies to release an even more powerful energy within.

“I humbly believe I have found the most comprehensive learning techniques and combined them to harness the inner power of our own core energy systems.”

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