GPs miss two out of three cancers

When dealing with serious illness such as cancer, a correct and timely diagnosis is essential to enable patients the best possible chance of survival.

Yet a study of more than 135,000 patients by Cancer Research UK found that one in four patients face delays of more than three months, while lung cancer diagnoses (without a referral) take 69 days and 35% of lung cancer patients only received their diagnosis after an emergency admission.

“Catching cancer at an early stage not only results in a less serious problem to treat, but also leaves more options at a doctor’s disposal,” says Wesley Baker, who is the CEO of medical technology firm ANCON Medical.

“The findings by Cancer Research UK are deeply concerning and highlight the very real and present need for precise and timely diagnosis.

“For example, when breast cancer is caught early in stages zero or one, the five-year survival rate is close to 100%. Whereas the five-year survival rate for the same cancer is as low as 22% when it is left to reach stage four.

“The major discrepancy in survivability between the stages demonstrates the importance of diagnosing cancers at a point when they are still localised and relatively simple to treat.”

ANCON Medical has developed Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) diagnostic technology, which is capable of giving an accurate diagnosis for diseases in under 10 minutes.

By removing the human-error and complexities associated with our current means of diagnosing cancers, the NBT technology may prove to be invaluable in combatting the long delays patients are experiencing in getting a diagnosis.

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