Research reveals the over 50s as society’s real adventurers

The Saga generations (i.e. the over 50s) are more care-free and significantly less self-conscious than their younger counterparts.

That’s according to new research, which reveals that just 22% of over 50s care what others think about them, compared to 70% of people aged 18-24.

The study also found while both the over 50s and 18 to 24-year-olds share a desire to try new things, the older respondents have a less conformist attitude than their younger counterparts.

Saga Cruises, which has officially launched its new, boutique cruise ship Spirit of Discovery with the help of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and Jools Holland (who is the face of ship’s on-board ‘The Club by Jools’ restaurant and bar – said to be inspired by the great cabaret lounges of the 50s) commissioned the research to explore the attitudes of different generations when it comes to trying new experiences or exploring new destinations.

The fact that younger generations said they were more self-conscious than their parent’s generation may explain why when it comes to trying something new, it’s their parents that are setting the trend and shaking off ageist stereotypes.

And with the freedom that comes with not caring what others think, nearly nine in 10 (88%) of today’s ‘boomers’ seize the opportunity to try new things.

A third said they have tried a new cuisine or have travelled to a country they haven’t visited before and one in 10 said they have attended a live event that’s new to them.

Nigel Blanks, COO of Saga Cruises, said: “This desire to try new things comes as no surprise to us. Our guests have told us that they want colour and experiences, their life is not beige.  

“They have asked us to challenge them, to take them to exciting and adventurous places and help them experience something new. With our new boutique cruise ship, Spirit of Discovery, we are doing just that.

“This ship is a game changer for us and our guests, we have tried to deliver the wow factor at every turn and fill the ship with elements that people would not expect from Saga. 

“The ship surrounds guests with new, unexpected British artwork, imaginative experiences both onboard and ashore and amazing cuisine from around the world, including The Club by Jools. Having grown up with Jools Holland’s music, he seems the perfect person to align ourselves with.”

The exclusive five-year partnership between Jools Holland and Saga Cruises will bring Jools Holland’s love of live music to the Spirit of Discovery, with Jools himself performing a number of live performances on-board.  

His first appearances have been confirmed on the Channel Island Hop cruise (departing 23 July 2019), Gourmet Spain (departing 3 August) and Natural Scandinavia (departing 17 August).

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