Why monsoon season is the best time for Ayurveda

Thinking of doing an Ayurveda retreat? Monsoon season is the best time!

The monsoon season, with its heavy rainfall, may not seem like the ideal time to head away on a wellness break, but it’s actually the best time to do an Ayurveda retreat, says Healing Holidays.

Ayurveda is India’s ancient form of healing that believes ill health is a result of an imbalance in the body’s internal energies (the doshas) and uses therapies such as panchakarma and a nutritional diet to rebalance them.

The benefits of this holistic type of healing are lauded by many and it’s said that during the monsoon season these benefits are greater than ever. 

It’s more relaxing

Most of us agree that the pitter patter of the rain has soothing effects, especially when you have no real need to be out and about in it.

When you are spending your time trying to unwind and heal, the calming effect of the rain can be especially beneficial.

When your mind and body are in a state of relaxation they are much more open to the healing powers of the treatments meaning you will notice greater benefits from them.

As the monsoon season also limits what physical activities you can do during the heavy rainfall, you will avoid too much exertion giving your body the chance to rest and feel the full effects of the treatments. 

The body responds better to treatments

The rain and humidity help to open the pores and soften the skin, something that will allow the Ayurveda treatments to have a greater effect on the body.

Ayurveda treatments often involve the application of oils and use of steam to flush out toxins within the body and rebalance the doshas, with open pores and softened skin the body is more receptive to these kinds of treatments, allowing them to penetrate better and lift the toxins with greater ease.

The climate is more comfortable

The monsoon season brings with it cooler temperatures and less dust than is present in India at other times of the year, making this a generally more comfortable time to visit.

Heat and dust can irritate the body and also induce stress – not ideal circumstances when you are trying to rejuvenate, meanwhile the rain refreshes the air resulting in a much more enjoyable stay.

It’s usually a lot more affordable!

You can enjoy the full benefits of Ayurveda at special rates during monsoon season.

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