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Mindfulness meditation is probably one of the most popular styles of meditation right now but there are others too, writes columnist Scott Hutchison McDade of Fife-based Positive Change Yoga, who has created a guided meditation specially for Holistic Scotland Magazine readers, which is available to download below

Leading Zen yoga teacher Scott Hutchison-McDade

The word mindfulness appears everywhere in the media, on tv and at the library. But what does it actually mean? Well, mindfulness-based meditations are traditionally a Buddhist practice.

During the practice you may focus on your breath, sensations within the body or thoughts as they pass through your mind. Mindfulness meditations are about tuning into what’s currently happing within your mind and physical body without judgement. You become an observer looking in, being fully aware and accepting of anything that may arise.

Focused meditation

A focused meditation focuses on one or more of the senses, a popular option for this type of mediation is to burn incense or use essential oil blends on your pulse points and draw your awareness to the aroma.

Mantra meditation

Mantra mediations are popular in many cultures thought the world and are particularly prominent in Buddhist and Hindu teachings. Mantra mediations use sound currents or words, which repeatedly recited either internally or externally. The most popular mantra used in the west is OM, which is often recited in yoga classes. The sound or words have different meanings or healing modalities.  You can even create your own mantra such as: I am calm.

Zazen meditation (seated meditation)

Zazen originates from Zen Buddhism and can be traced back thousands of years. A typical Zazen meditation will focus on the breath, often introducing a count from 1-10.

Listen to, or download, your free audio Zazen mediation here:

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