How physical objects can help cement your meditation as a daily practise

The latest scientific research has shown that connecting your meditation to a physical object strengthens your practice – a process otherwise known as ‘embodied cognition’.

It’s though that this connection between your meditation and a tangible object serves as a daily reminder of your intention, thereby reinforcing your practice. 

Having something you can see and touch during meditation creates a connection that serves as a visual cue. This will remind you of the feelings evoked meditating throughout your day and a reminder to meditate.

Silatha, which features in the Top meditation apps article in our Autumn issue, connects its meditation app to a beautiful line of jewellery with natural gemstones.

While meditating with the Silatha app you connect to your gem which serves as a reminder of your intention throughout the day. Different gemstones are known for their abilities to strengthen different inner virtues.

Choose your stone based on the intention you desire to grow, matching it with the relevant meditation series on the Silatha app. Experience the luxury of Silatha, a moment purely for yourself every day. Pause, breath, connect and journey to your inner source of happiness.

The gemstones in Silatha’s jewellery are incorporated into a Dorje, an ancient symbol of meditation, fusing together to make a striking piece of jewellery. Exquisitely handcrafted in 925 sterling silver and plated in 18-carat white, yellow or rose gold with a dual finish mirroring your own glow that shines from within.

Through the unique partnership of the Silatha jewellery and the accompanying meditation app, ancient Eastern wisdom and meditation practice is transformed for modern, busy lives.

A Silatha Journey begins by selecting the intention you wish to strengthen: from patience to inner peace, relaxation to transformation, courage to self-control. You are then encouraged to choose a gemstone based on this intention.

Your intention is supported by a daily 15-minute guided meditation via the Silatha app which corresponds to the gemstone and your intention chosen.

For more information on Silatha and its unique approach to meditation, visit the website

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