5 minutes with mum and daughter at Mandala Flow

Holistic Scotland Magazine caught up with mum-and-daughter team Liz Rapson and Heidi Grillo of Mandala Flow in Edinburgh whose core mission is to help their clients reach optimum health, wellbeing and resilience

Q: What does health and wellness mean to you?

Liz: Trying to eat healthily, keeping fit and doing things I enjoy. To keep healthy is an ongoing process for me. Maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit brings me a sense of contentment.

Heidi: To me, being healthy and well is the building block for everything I’ll ever do. Tapping into and maintaining that feeling of wellness is addictive to me. I’m grateful to have a job that helps me share my passion for feel-good treatments, tips, tools and ideas.

Heidi Grillo

Q: What makes you happy?

Liz: Being with like-minded people makes me very happy. Simple happiness to me is seeing my washing blowing in the wind and watching people enjoying the food I make.

Heidi: Having my favourite people around me, hearing a story being told, walking my dog on the beach with a good podcast on, listening to the rain. In recent years the realisation that I’m in charge of making me happy is something I’m growing into.

Q: Any health niggles?
Liz: No, I have been very lucky and am very grateful for my health.

Heidi: Yes, I have endometriosis. I work hard to maintain my health through diet, exercise and meditation. It doesn’t always work but it definitely helps. Sometimes it flares up and it’s bad, but I try to remember that it doesn’t define me. Taking time out and turning down/off the guilt complex to rest and restore is usually what’s required!

Liz Rapson

Q: Top three wellness tips?

Liz: Take 10 minutes of total quiet every day. Being grateful. Learn to have more self-control.

Heidi: You are always what you think you are so choose your thoughts wisely. Be kind to others and yourself. Make long and short-term goals to light you up and keep you going

Q: What three things can you not live without?

Liz: Travel, music and food

Heidi: Travel, books/learning and music

Q: What’s next for Mandala Flow?

Liz/Heidi: We have loads of ideas, where do you want to start?! We’re bringing in a holistic retail range. Our aim is to start with stationery designed and written in-house that promotes a healthy mindset. For everything else that’s coming, check out the website

Mandala Flow

Mandala Flow, which is a stockist of Holistic Scotland Magazine, offers a range of holistic services, including reflexology, energy medicine, emotional freedom technique (EFT), and reiki.

Both Liz and Heidi are highly-qualified, degree-educated therapists with decades of experience in treatments for both body and mind.

Their health and wellbeing clinic – situated on Rodney Street – has space available for therapists to hire, as well as for workshops and other events.

Find out more at mandalaflow.co.uk

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