A night of passion (flower) could be the answer to a good night’s sleep

If you want a good night’s sleep, forget a night of passion and instead reach for a cup of passion flower tea!

Scientists have found that passion flower tea can improve our quality of sleep.

Their study reported: “These initial findings suggest that the consumption of a low dose of Passiflora incarnate (passion flower), in the form of tea, yields short-term subjective sleep benefits for healthy adults with mild fluctuations in sleep quality.”

One of the only single ingredient passion flower teas available in the UK is available from herbal specialist Natur Boutique, or ask at your local health store.

To find out more or to buy, visit or ask at your local health store.

Please note: Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding. Not suitable for children. Passion flower may have a sedative effect, therefore do not take if operating machinery or vehicles or taking sedatives. Stop taking immediately if you experience any adverse effects and speak immediately to a doctor. Consult a doctor if using before surgery.

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