New self-care podcast launches to support mental health

Presented by NLP Wellbeing Coach Puja K McClymont, the Self Care 101 Podcast is a conversational show about work-life balance, mental health and mindset – talking all things wellbeing, how to get unstuck, build more confidence and feel more fulfilled.

The show is said to be relaxed, fun and informative, cutting through the noise of the wellness industry and telling the truth about wellbeing.

The podcast is a mixture of coaching support for common challenges and inspiring interviews with real people.

Every Wednesday, Puja shares coaching questions, tips and techniques to help realistically achieve health, relationship and career goals.

While Puja (who is pictured above) fully supports the campaign increasing awareness of the importance of mental health conversations, she found there was still a lack of immediate support that may be of use to those that are not in crisis.

Each episode – based on popular topics sent in by listeners – provides key coaching questions which helps to shift perspectives in order for the listener to think differently about their challenges. 

Top 3 most popular shows:

  1. What to do when you’re feeling stuck
  2. How to build self confidence
  3. Interview: When travel is the best therapy for your mental health

Upcoming shows include:

  1. The truth about wellbeing trends – how to be effective with your self care/wellbeing goals
  2. Doing what you love, filling up your cup – Moving from doing to being more
  3. Be careful with your labels – how labelling yourself, harms the progress of your goal
  4. Interview: How to keep living after the death of a loved one
  5. Coping when it’s one thing after another – how to manage your mindset when things just seem so bad
  6. Interview: How men approach their ‘biological clock’ when it comes to dating

“I’ve wanted to host a podcast for some time,” says Puja. “But I wasn’t sure if it would actually help when not in a two-way conversation.

“I have kept the episodes unscripted so that it feels like I’m talking to the listener directly.

“The feedback received has let me know that the less editing, less polishing and being authentic with the audience is what is helping them to trust in what the show offers.

“I wanted a podcast so that people could get real-time help with challenges they are facing as sometimes, it can be the subtlest mindset shift that’s required to get themselves out of a taxing situation.”

Listen to Puja’s podcast here

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