Smokers who drink alcohol 30 times more likely to get cancer

A major new study has shown that smokers who drink alcohol are 30 times more likely to get mouth or throat cancer than those who use tobacco or alcohol alone. 

The review published by The Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (Shaap) guide highlights links between alcohol consumption and cancer, and offers advice on reducing risks.

Wesley Baker – CEO of ANCON Medical – discusses the need to revolutionise diagnosis of lung cancer: “Combatting cancer can be thought of as a three pronged approach; prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment.

“Cutting down on factors proven to increase risk of cancer – especially by this wide margin – is going to have a huge impact on life expectancy.

“The old adage – prevention is better than the cure – is a cliché for a reason, and the more we understand the causes of cancer, the more impact we can have on incidence rates.”

The next best thing to do, is to catch the disease early; survival rates in some cases increase tenfold with stage 1 diagnosis. While treatments get more effective each year, this is not – by any means – the most effective strategy.”

ANCON Medical’s revolutionary Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) technology allows for quick, accurate and cheap diagnosis, with a huge reduction in the number of false positives compared to traditional diagnosis methods.

The technology works by analysing a patient’s breath to detect unique biological markers that indicate the presence of cancer, as well as the stage it is at.

NBT technology can provide diagnoses in as little as ten minutes, all while being less expensive to use and more accurate than current technologies 

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