Why maps and puzzles can protect against Alzheimer’s

According to common sense, you are more likely to survive in a forest if you have no phone signal but can read a map. According to science, you are less likely to develop early signs of Alzheimer’s if you can read the same map.

A study conducted by the University of East Anglia shows how map reading ability can be used to predict the very early stages of Alzheimer’s (source: PNAS).

Older adults who regularly take part in puzzles are also known to have better brain functions, according to the largest online study to date, led by King’s College London and the University of Exeter and involving over 19,000 participants (source: Alzheimer’s Society).

Channelling the fun of puzzles into over 400 mind-stretching questions on Britain’s longest, oldest, and most popular roads, The AA British Road Map Puzzle Book by Helen Brocklehurst is scientifically proven to drive your mind round the bend.

Celebrating road trips and the (almost lost) art of map-reading, The AA Puzzle Book is the ultimate quiz to British places for motorists and map addicts.

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