Stress and other mental health concerns biggest cause of sick leave

Today marks the start of International Stress Awareness Week, an initiative from the International Stress Management Association.

This comes in tandem with National Stress Awareness Day, a commemorative event from Mind this Wednesday to help relieve stress to improve the nation’s mental health. 

Mind have introduced this commemorative event following their findings that more than 50% of all UK workers claim to be affected by poor mental health in the workplace.

In light of this, Smart TMS, a treatment centre for anxiety and depression, now reveal findings of their independent research into the shocking mental health profile of UK workers:

  • Almost one third – 32% – of UK workers no longer enjoy work as much as they used to
  • 19% of UK workers said that they don’t have time to see a medical professional about their mental health
  • Over one fifth – 22% – of UK workers said that they are too busy to think about their mental health, despite having consistent symptoms of anxiety/depression
  • Over a fifth – 21% – of UK workers would like to see someone about their mental health but worry that treatment would take too long
  • A fifth – 20% – of respondents said that, as a freelancer, they feel that they cannot take time away from work to address mental health issues as it would be a detriment to the business
  • 15% of UK workers have had to turn to payday lenders or short-term finance solutions due to inconsistent payments from my freelance work
  • A quarter – 25% – of UK workers can’t afford big-ticket commitments such as weddings, holidays, and home improvements due to the freelance payment structure
  • Almost a quarter – 23% – of UK workers work between 2 to 5 jobs at one time to support my income

These findings follow research published as early as 2011 that stress and other mental health concerns have been the primary cause of sick leave across the country, and earlier this year it was reported that stress and mental health is also the main cause of sick leave for NHS workers; according to NHS Digital Statistics; who themselves work in the healthcare sector.

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