85% of chronic health sufferers feel helpless after visiting the doctor

A survey has revealed that 85% of people suffering from a chronic health condition feel frustrated or helpless after discussing their condition with a doctor.

As such, more and more people are turning to alternative therapies for help – with 78% of those surveyed seeing a considerable improvement in their health.

The study conducted by Get Well magazine found that chronic health sufferers’ attitudes are shifting towards unconventional medicines.  

Seventy-nine per cent of people suffering from a chronic health condition feel like the doctor doesn’t listen when they are discussing their health condition.

The research also confirms that, with chronic health issues on the rise, more and more people are turning to alternative therapies for help.

It found that 78% of those who used alternative medicines for their chronic health condition saw a considerable improvement in their health.  

Yet despite the growing popularity of alternative therapies, recent reports reveal that Google is pushing independent health websites down the search engine rankings.  

This is reflected in the survey results, with more than 50% finding it difficult to know where to find reliable information regarding a chronic health condition.   

The Get Well magazine aims to resolve these frustrations with the launch of its first ‘Get Well Show’ in February 2020.  

The Show will see health professionals from a number of different disciplines come together under one roof and offer advice and guidance on alternative therapies, including different chronic health issues, such as diabetes, arthritis and heart conditions. 

Aimed at consumers, the Show will provide a space for chronic health sufferers to speak openly about their problems and feel confident that they can leave with a solution.  

Experts who will be present at the Show include:  Dr Damien Downing, a pioneer of Ecological medicine; Dr Pam Shervanick, a qualified psychiatrist who treats patients holistically; Dr Robert Verkerk, Executive & Scientific Director of Alliance for Natural Health

The Get Well Show will run from Friday, 21 February to Sunday, 23 February at Olympia, London.  

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