Affirmation cards celebrate the beauty of eczema

Camilla Knowles, who is a skin positivity campaigner and founder and author of ‘The Beauty of Eczema’, has launched a deck of 31 affirmation cards and daily journal dedicated to people with eczema.

The ‘Positive Vibes’ affirmation cards and ‘Positive Scribes’ journal, have been created to support the health and wellness expert’s mind, body and soul approach to eczema management which focuses on dealing with the root cause of a flare up, such as stress, diet, home environment, self-care and mental attitude.

Affirmations have been scientifically proven to rewire our brains by pushing them to form new clusters of positive thought neurons, in essence restructuring the way we think. 

The ‘Positive Vibes’ affirmation cards apply this approach to eczema management and self-care with a deck of 31 affirmations that have been written to help change the way people view their condition, verbally affirming a positive mental attitude and outlook.

The ‘Positive Scribes’ journal has been designed to offer daily support by providing a structured roadmap to help users document their journey as they focus on a holistic approach to healing.

The journal features a daily journaling page to set out morning intentions, evening reflections and gratitudes; weekly exercises; quotes and affirmations; and a monthly progress check in.

“I am so passionate about my affirmation cards and journal,” says Camila

“I created them to support my HOPE principles which is my holistic approach to living a life beyond eczema.

“They are intended to provide people with eczema with practical tools that will make a huge difference to the way they view and deal with their skin condition, helping them to adopt and maintain positive daily practices.

“I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking and the ‘O’ of my HOPE principles is dedicated to optimism, gratitude and positivity. 

“Cultivating an optimistic state of mind can seem impossible in the midst of a flare up – believe me I have been there – but affirmations, done daily and repeated out loud, can really reprogramme the way we view our eczema.

“Alongside affirmations, daily journaling has many proven health benefits – it can help you set and achieve goals, express your feelings and worries, provide mental clarity, reduce stress and reflect on your achievements.

“I have created my journal as a way for people to log and document their journey as they follow my HOPE principles or make general changes to their lifestyle and mental attitude.

“Often trying to make a big step change in our daily habits can be extremely daunting but committing to daily affirmations and setting small, achievable goals, can make what seems like an impossible task, so much easier.”

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