7 nutrition-based anti-ageing secrets

CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) Natural Chef and Nutritional Therapist Tasha D’Cruz shares her 7 secrets

1) Colourful vegetables offer vital nutrients, including antioxidants. Leafy greens, pumpkin and sweet potato strengthen immunity; berries, onions and legumes deter allergies and viruses; broccoli and cauliflower support the liver; celery aids bone health.

2) Food Prep: Pot-roast, braise, marinade, slow cook. Frying or grilling produce harmful, possibly carcinogenic, age-accelerating compounds.

3) Sugar: Refined sugars and carbs are implicated in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The longest-living communities on Earth consume minimal sugars or refined carbohydrates.

4) Good fats combat disease-causing chronic inflammation. Oily fish, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, lard, goose fat, butter, ghee are crucial for cell and brain health and smoother skin. Avoid trans-fats, refined or hydrogenated vegetable oils and margarines.

5) Protein: Muscle wastage happens in elderly people with low protein/low activity levels. Critical to cellular, enzyme, hormone and muscle health, good protein sources include legumes, organic, free-range eggs, wild fish and grass-fed meat.

6) Green Tea: Plant chemicals in green tea and the skin of red grapes and mulberries are central to cell longevity.

7) Water: We’re around 70% water; every cell and body function needs it. Regularly hydrate with pure, filtered, unflavoured water.

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