Can our eyes really be bigger than our bellies?

The answer is yes! Three times as much!

The traditional Goldilocks belief that we know what’s ‘just right’ when it comes to portion size has been debunked by new research.

The analysis carried out on behalf of low calorie dressing company Tigg’s shows that when it comes to helping ourselves to common foods, we lose all sense of ‘a portion’ and, in the majority of cases, choose a serving at least three times the recommended amount.

More than half of those asked to select an appropriate portion from a range of pictures, helped themselves to more than triple the recommended serving size printed on the nutritional information label for a range of products, including salad dressing and breakfast cereal, piling on unexpected and unwanted calories in the process.

Respondents were asked to identify how much dressing they put on a salad lunch.  Around half of respondents chose a helping more than three times bigger than the standard serving size.

The responses were even more striking for a bowl of cereal.  In each case, more than two thirds chose a helping that was at least three times bigger than the standard serving size.  Only 1 in 10 chose the serving size listed in the nutrition panel on the side of the cereal packet.

Tigg’s has developed a range of natural, low-fat, low-calorie dressings – based on 50-year-old family recipes – which are available at Tesco.

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