How naturopathic medicine could support self-healing after coronavirus

Most people with the common human coronavirus will recover on their own, but naturopathic medicine could help support the body’s self-healing ability and remove obstacles to healing, says the British Naturopathic Association (BNA).

The BNA recommends:

● Herbs such as ginger, garlic, thyme, elderflower and cinnamon, when added to teas or food, can be beneficial for fever management.

● Foods such as onions, garlic, fennel, cloves, elderberries and green tea have medicinal qualities that could be beneficial in supporting respiratory conditions.

● Supplements such as Vitamin D3/K2, Echinacea, Vitamin C and probiotics may be beneficial, Zinc gluconate has been shown to reduce oral viral loads and is effective for sore throats.

● Acupuncture may be helpful in opening up the lung meridians.

The World Naturopathic Federation has prepared a public document outlining the background, symptoms, transmission, and prevention for the nCoV (coronavirus) 2019. Find out more here

For daily updates, check the World Health Organisation (WHO) website

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