Wild meditation and gemstone foraging in the Scottish Highlands

While more and more of us are turning to meditation to help calm our minds and become more mindful, Tony Jackson adopts the technique for a very different purpose. He practises wild meditation at the summit of Scotland’s mightiest Munros to open his inner vision…

For nearly 35 years, I have been studying the subtle anatomy of man, through all manner of subjects and throughout this time I have gradually developed my own meditative practice.

I don’t usually do it in any urban environment. Instead I prefer meditating in the great outdoors.

I will happily hike for miles into the mountains and make my way to the summit of a Munro. There I will sit in as comfortable position as I can arrange with the right clothing and my back to the wind, I enter within.

I choose wild and remote locations because in such places there is no ‘thought pollution’; I can hold the same thought for ages on a mountain or faraway beach.

In a town or city, with so many people present this task is far more difficult. A mountain atmosphere is far purer. It’s an unchanged natural environment and the subtle nature of such places is simply extraordinary.

We all live in a multi-dimensional reality; we all have inner vehicles – subtle bodies, we all use these every second of our lives. Yet for the most part, most people are completely oblivious to the inner reality of their being.

We all think – we have a mind or mental body, we all feel – we have an emotional body. We all have chakras, the frequently misunderstood subtle energy centres that allow passage of many different human energies from one level to another within us, manifesting as change in the health or ill health of our outer physical body.  

Yet this knowledge is kept hidden from society – by society. There is so much more to learn and understand about us through studying our inner nature; go within and you won’t go without.

About 25 years ago, I became aware of a ‘current’ of subtle energy which would seem to ‘ripple’ across my chest in a constant direction upwards.

I would see it whether my eyes were open or closed, whether I was meditating or not. Nobody else could see it. I couldn’t understand what it was. I found no reference to it in any books at the time.

It wasn’t until 2003 that I managed to identify it. My then wife and I undertook pioneering research into energetic healing using crystals and minerals.

She was acutely clairvoyant and could see all subtle energies both within and around the human body and all crystals and stones and we uncovered something that we then called the ‘psychic energy system’; a closed energy circuit that seemed to travel up, interweaving around the chakras and then descending back down again.

It performs a very special function in us and I now understand it to be Kundalini. Every time I meditate now, I see my Kundalini channel.

Gemstone foraging


I have a passion for hunting for Scottish Gemstones: Aquamarine, Topaz and Sapphire.

In July 2017 I was eight miles from my car on a remote mountain, high up in Cairngorms and had been searching all day; I’d found nothing. I decided to sit and meditate for a while.

I closed off my outer senses and entered within. Within a few minutes my vision opened and I could see all the beautiful subtle energy streams flowing all around me, through the air, through the ground and through me. I also began to sense the Mountain Deva.

Every Munro is 3,000’ or more in height and standing atop each one is a colossal Deva a further 1000’ in stature like a great sentinel, overseeing all the processes of Nature in its domain.

It instantly became aware of my attention. We engaged with one another and offered each other spiritual respect. We were two beings in two different evolutionary kingdoms but we were, albeit briefly, connected.

These Devas have very few interactions with human beings; because people are generally ‘asleep’ and have no awareness of them. I remember asking for some help in finding the crystals I was searching for.

The wind brought my consciousness back to my physical body and I was again, sitting on the mountain once more.

I got up on my feet and continued my searching. Within 10 minutes I found my first Aquamarine crystal. I had been searching on and off for 25 years for it and here it was in my hand.

I turned to the Deva and offered my thanks and appreciation. I found two more that afternoon. Since then, I have returned several times to the same Munro and have meditated on the summit in the same place and engaged with my Great Friend.

I have many times watched the energies there and felt so fulfilled to return home and back to work again the following day.

Tony Jackson is the author of The Element of Harmony crystal healing book and now runs the Wild Scotland Meditation Facebook group for like-minded people who would like to meet and further explore meditation and self-development in the wild.

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