Better Nature launches Tempeh Mince and Rashers

Innovative tempeh brand Better Nature has teamed up with Planet Organic to launch their new Organic Tempeh Mince and Organic Tempeh Rashers.

Tempeh, (pronounced Tem-pay) is a fermented, plant-based food originating from Indonesia. It’s super high in protein, high in fibre and low in saturated fat. It’s packed with a range of micronutrients and is said to be great for the gut.

Christopher Kong, Co-Founder and CEO at Better Nature said: “Tempeh is still relatively unknown in the UK however, as consumers, we’re becoming increasingly more conscious about what we eat and the desire for nutritious, all-natural plant-based food is quickly becoming the norm.

Planet Organic attracts some of the most savvy of this consumer group, so we’re extremely excited to be coming on board with them as we attempt to bring tempeh to the mainstream.”

This retail expansion comes quickly after the successful launch of the Better Nature online shop in January and the launch with TheVeganKind Supermarket and As Nature Intended. 

Elin Roberts, Head of Marketing at Better Nature said: “Tempeh is one of the highest sources of all-natural, plant-based protein. Per 100g serving, it has the same protein content as grilled cod and grilled mackerel, double the protein content of crab, and almost double the protein content of eggs.

It’s still fairly unknown in the UK, hence our mission is to bring its delicious and nutritious credentials into the mainstream to show that protein can be sourced sustainably and ethically without compromising on nutritional value or taste.

It’s the most amazing feeling to know our products are on shelf, in stores. It’s such a proud day for us all.”

Since its inception in 2018, the Better Nature Founders have been working to develop products, in recognisable formats, that offer high nutritional value and convenience without compromising on flavour. 

As well as their Organic Tempeh Mince and Organic Tempeh Rashers, the team have also developed a soy-free range made from Lupin beans.

Products will be on sale in all Planet Organic stores from 2nd March at an RRP of £3.29 for their Organic Tempeh Mince (170g) and Organic Tempeh Rashers (120g).

The full range of Better Nature Tempeh is available here

About Better Nature

Better Nature is an innovative tempeh brand founded in 2018 by four foodies – Christopher Kong a biochemist turned entrepreneur, Indonesian-born food scientist Amadeus Driando Ahnan, product developer Fabio Rinaldo and Elin Roberts, a marketing strategist and advocate of plant-based living.

Better Nature was founded on a mission to end the suffering caused by the animal protein industry and create a happier, healthier, more sustainable planet for everyone. They’re lifting the lid on the world’s best kept protein secret, by educating UK consumers about their all-natural, delicious tempeh range that’s as high in nutritional value and sustainability credentials.

With top talent and expertise embedded within the company, Better Nature has already won multiple awards including three international food tech competitions, two world-class equity-free incubator and accelerator programmes and has spoken at events alongside some of the most established plant-based leaders. They won Best New High-Protein Food and Beverage Startup at the 11th Protein Summit, the TWB Startup Award and more recently, the Most Innovative Plant- or Cereal-based Food Ingredient at Fi Europe.

Better Nature products are manufactured in Europe and only uses Pro-Terra certified soybeans, dedicated to minimising waste, ensuring fair prices and prioritising environmental protection. All of their legumes are sourced within Europe and none of their ingredients or products are air freighted.

All products are organic, certified by the Soil Association.

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