Four of our favourite free-from kitchen table start-ups

A new career doesn’t have to mean time away from the family. You can work from home! Here are four kitchen table entrepreneurs who have been there, done that and bought the T-shirt!

Plant-based pioneers

Biochemist-turned-entrepreneur Christopher Kong and his three foodie friends, food scientists Amadeus Driando Ahnan, product developer Fabio Rinaldo and marketing strategist Elin Roberts, founded Better Nature from a kitchen table in 2018.

Passionate about ending the suffering caused by the animal protein industry and to create a happier, healthier and more sustainable planet, their award-winning tempeh brand is going from strength to strength and still largely run from their own homes.

They have created a product line that’s dedicated to minimising waste and only uses Pro-Terra certified soybeans certified by the Soil Association.

The mumpreneur empowering women

Burnt out by the 9 to 5, Wilma Macdonald swapped a successful career in banking to set up Maverick Motherhood, an online community for women who are changing the world – and also happen to have kids.

“Without even noticing, I’d become a corporate cliché,” says Wilma, who is based in Edinburgh.   

“An overworked, overwhelmed, over-caffeinated, croissant-eating short-tempered version of myself. I knew that I had to figure out an exit route.

“I didn’t want to become my angry, red-faced boss.

“So I ditched my ‘successful’ career in banking and retrained as a nutritional therapist. My job had led to me losing my hair, sleep and – eventually – my mind.

“There was no practical advice out there for the modern mum who wanted to take care of her family and herself. So I carefully created it.

“I now help women realise they don’t have to feel like sh*t as mums by helping them get their energy back and remember who they are as people. When we love ourselves, it’s easier to love our families.

“I know first-hand that you can love your food, love yourself, and still be a really great mum.”

The natural beauty and wildlife ambassador

Not only did botanist Dr. Sally Gouldstone launch Scottish beauty brand Seilich from her kitchen table, she has recently become the first entrepreneur in the UK to achieve Wildlife Friendly™ Certification from the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network for her products.

Wildlife Friendly™ products contribute to the conservation of over twelve million hectares of diverse wetlands, forests, and grasslands; protect keystone endangered species in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin and North America, including the Snow Leopard, Elephant, Tiger, Cheetah, Red Panda, and Wolf; and benefit over 200,000 people through increased food security, income and employment. 

Sally’s artisan beauty brand, which is built entirely around sustainability, comprises a range of handmade natural cosmetics including face mists, body sprays and room mists.

Using the Scottish Pollinator Strategy, Seilich creates native wildflower meadows at the hub of its business from which ingredients for their products are grown and harvested.  

Popcorn professionals

From garden shed start-up to Harrods, the Popcorn Shed gourmet popcorn brand has gone global in a short space of time thanks to cousins Sam Feller and Laura Jackson.

“We started experimenting with popcorn recipes in Laura’s mother’s kitchen,” says Sam.

“As recipe development continued to create the perfect tasting popcorn, so did the mess and we were banished to the garden shed in Laura’s mother’s back garden.”

The family started referring to the shed as the ‘Popcorn Shed’, and that’s how they stumbled upon a name for their burgeoning business. 

From humble beginnings the entrepreneurial cousins now outsource production to two UK based factories and are exporting to over 20 countries including Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, Sweden and France.

Inspired? So are we.

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