How to keep calm and work from home while in lockdown with your family

With many of us now forced into spending nearly all of our time at home with our families or housemates, award-winning hypnotherapist and life coach Malminder Gill shares some of her top tips for keeping a calm mind and keeping relationships healthy while balancing work from home.

  • Have your own workspace

A private and undisturbed workspace will help to minimise distractions. If you want to share ideas you can create a ‘communal working space’ 

  • Share Your Calendar

This also ensures your privacy is respected and means you can take video calls in peace

  • Have a routine

Maintain structure within your day and act like you are both in the office – have lunch together (if you can)

  • Signal the end of your working day

Do something that signifies the end of your working day – this shift can help you to switch off mentally to spend time together in the evening 

Tips for family or housemate happiness:

  • Create a ‘family contract’

This can help with sharing roles, chores and everyone’s duties, parents can also split time of who will be looking after the children when the other is working

  • Draft an activity schedule

This can include meals, work/school and leisure times for both parents and children. Organise fun activities such as movie nights or cooking together, this is a great way to maintain a positive mindset

  • Keep moving

Whether it’s a fitness challenge for the whole family, a dance session or playing in the garden make sure everybody is staying active

  • Document this experience, write a journal

This is a way for both adults and children to understand the thoughts and emotions that this extraordinary situation brings up.

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