Chlorella – the green algae that’s like sunshine in a glass

There’s no doubt that when the sun is shining the world seems a less stressful place. But living in the UK means you can never be quite sure when that will be.

Recent research however has shown that chlorella, a green algae which is thought to be one of the most effective crops at turning sunlight into energy and nutrients, could help to reduce stress levels.

Researchers found that chlorella may affect part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which plays a big role in how we react to stress.

They discovered that the algae appears able to reduce the amount by which the hypothalamus activates part of the body’s stress system, resulting in less activity by a specific stress hormone, called adrenocorticotropic hormone, and a reduction in stress induced hyperglycaemia (a raising of blood sugar levels seen in stressful situations).

Scientists concluded that the research helped to reinforce the concept that chlorella has an ability ‘to diminish the impact of stressors’ and, ultimately that under stressful conditions, the body doesn’t get as stressed.

How to benefit from chlorella

You don’t need to go wading through ponds with a net to be able to benefit from the algae as there are now a host of chlorella supplements available, both in powder form, to be added to smoothies and shakes, and as tablets.

Some of the most efficient products come from Sun Chlorella, whose new DYNO®-Mill technology breaks down the cell walls of the algae (without the use of heat or chemicals which can reduce the quality of the chlorella) to ensure when you use either their powder or tablets you’re getting the most nutrients possible.

Ask your local health store for Sun Chlorella or visit the website.

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