New Serenity Radio station devoted to wellness to launch this June

A new internet radio dedicated to health and wellbeing is set to launch this June.

Set to go live on 13 June 2020, Serenity Radio is designed to connect listeners with a combination of mindfulness tips, topical talks, live guided meditations and soothing music.

Hosted by holistic enthusiasts Craig Richardson and Michelle Clarke, Serenity radio will offer a helping hand to those who are struggling and seeking some much needed R&R.

Listen to the Serenity Radio trailer HERE

Studies have shown that listening to the radio can have a hugely beneficial effect on our mental wellbeing. As well as offering companionship and social interaction, listening to the radio for a little while each day can help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

At the moment, many of us are spending our days being assaulted by
frightening figures and conflicting advice regarding Covid19. Although it’s important that we stay informed, it’s equally as important to switch off occasionally to give ourselves a break.

Serenity Radio’s 24 hour programming will strive to educate and engage listeners with a whole host of life affirming features, including:
● Live guided meditations
● Uplifting and ambient music
● Nutrition & lifestyle advice
● Informative and positive holistic podcasts
● Advice from industry experts in yoga, pilates, alternative medicines and so on
● Listener interactions

In the spirit of inclusion, Serenity Radio is actively inviting wellbeing practitioners and new musical artists to become part of this innovative new station.

Serenity Radio’s programming will begin at 10am on 13 of June 2020.

It’s the brainchild of two talented marketers who share more than 30 years’
experience in sales and marketing, as well as 15 years of holistic practice.

Based in London, this upcoming internet station hopes to bring together industry experts to help promote mindfulness and wellbeing practices to everyone that wants to listen.

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