Your guide to what’s new in your local, Scottish health store this Summer

We cover the latest natural remedies, supplements and breakthrough treatments – many of which are available to buy at your local, independent health store

Plant power in a stick

100% natural essential oil inhaler sticks from Go2

It’s now even easier to benefit from the healing and health-promoting properties of essential oils, thanks to these new Inhaler Sticks from Go2. 100% natural, these clever little sticks are perfect for when you’re out and about or on-the-go. There’s even a blend for every mood! We love the brand’s strapline too – “Changing the mood of Britain, one sniff at a time.” Choose from Energy, Focus, B.Calm and Sleep blends. You won’t be disappointed!

Vegan-friendly wholefood supplements

Source of Life Garden Range from Natures Plus

The new Source of Life Garden range from Natures Plus is specially formulated with nutrient-dense wholefoods – using the power of real, certified organic fruits and vegetables to give energy levels and your overall health a boost.  There are nine options, from Curcumin to Vitamin B12, to choose from in the range – each offering different benefits and whose capsules are vegan and gluten-free.

Fish collagen that packs a punch

Reverse Life Collagen

This new, liquid anti-ageing supplement containing pure collagen peptide claims to “reverse what life has done to your skin”. Containing hydrolysed marine collagen from freshwater fish, it’s certainly not for vegans but is said to pack a skin-saving punch with its high-strength (10,000mg) dose and selection of essential vitamins. Regular intake of high-quality collagen, which is full of important amino acids, is also thought to improve digestion and mobility, as well as speeding up wound healing and hair growth.

Vitamin C smoothie supercharger

Neutrient Total C Powder

If there is one product you should add to your smoothie arsenal, it’s a jar of NEW Neutrient™ Total C™ Powder. This unique blend of 4 different forms of buffered vitamin C and other clever compounds has been designed to deliver intensive nutritional support and effective absorption, without stomach irritation. The pure powder formula with no colours, sugars, sweeteners or unnecessary additives is a great way to top up your vitamin C levels, especially for those who prefer not to take their vitamin C as pills or sweetened drinks. Check out smoothie recipes using Neutrient™ Total C™ here.

Just the tonic

Tonic Health Elderberry & Blackcurrant

With children due to head back to school soon, it’s really important to make sure their immune systems are supported and working at their best! That’s where Tonic Health, which has just becomethe first immunity product to be Mumsnet Rated, comes in. The high dose vitamin drink is the first immune health sector product to receive the Mumsnet endorsement after its Elderberry & Blackcurrant flavour was tested by a panel of 130 Mumsnet users, with 81% saying they would recommend it to familyor friends. It’s designed to support the immune system in times of need, offering the highest available dose of Vitamin C (1500mg), Vitamin D (30ug) and Zinc (25mg) on the market and could play a significant role in fighting off viral infections. Stockists include Boots and pharmacies nationwide.

Helping you B a BetterYou

B-Complete Oral Spray from BetterYou

Nutrient deficiencies can have a significant impact on our wellbeing and insufficient B-vitamin levels can interfere with how energised we feel. All eight B-vitamins have important functions and play a vital role in maintaining optimal health; however, they are water-soluble which means that the body doesn’t store them, so our diet must supply them each day. Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3) and Pantothenic Acid (B5) help to break down and release energy from the food that we eat, while keeping the nervous system healthy and Biotin (B7) is needed to help the body break down fat, while also contributing to the maintenance of healthy hair and skin. Folic Acid (B9) and vitamin B6 help the body to form healthy red blood cells, contributing to normal immune system function, while vitamin B12 contributes to healthy red blood cells, a normal homocysteine metabolism and aids energy release. Lucky for us, global health pioneer BetterYou has launched its brand-new B-complete Oral Spray – an expert blend of all eight B-vitamins to support natural energy production.

Please note that stores vary and not all products will be available in all stores.

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