Chakra empowerment for women – let your true colours shine through

The chakra system is thought to have originated in India between 500 and 1500BC in the world’s oldest text, the Vedas. It represents the human energy system and, in the West, is thought to be the key to physical health, emotional stability, and mental clarity.

In energy medicine, the seven major energy centres, also known as the chakras, are the Crown, Third Eye (or Brow), Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras.

According to experts, the chakras could be described as a filtration system – purifying our energy from the gross, physical plane associated with our primal instincts and basic animal nature and turning it into the highly refined, spiritual plane that connects us with the source of life itself.

Many healers believe that when we begin the journey through the chakras, we open the way for healing, psychological development and spiritual growth to happen.   

Rainbow Abundance Empowerment

Lisa Erickson, author of Chakra Empowerment for Women, shares an empowerment to try at home – using all seven chakras – for generating self-love, self-appreciation, gratitude, positivity, and abundance.

Everyone loves a rainbow. Rainbows are symbolic of good things in virtually every cultural and spiritual tradition. They represent potential, cohesion, union of Earth and sky, a bridge to the future, a portal to heaven, a promise, gratitude, enlightenment and grace. Who doesn’t want all that?

There’s magic in rainbows and helping you find this magic in yourself is what this Rainbow Abundance Empowerment is all about.

Rainbows are the sun’s light reflecting off tiny droplets of water in the air, refracted at just the right angle for us to see the full spectrum of colour. Each tiny droplet of water is only a part of the rainbow for a short time before it falls to the Earth or joins a cloud. The rainbow appears static to us for the time it appears, but it’s always in transition, always changing.

Is there any metaphor more appropriate for human life? Here for a short time, our body constantly in transition, our emotions and mind ever in flux, and yet we so often think of ourselves as static, as a fixed self, the inevitable product of what has happened to us or what is happening.

Part of the value of working with your energy body (especially for women) is opening up to just how fluid and changeable we are. We are liquid light. We can grow, we can let go of an old way of being to embrace a new one. We can heal.

The Rainbow Abundance Empowerment is for resting in yourself and allowing yourself to feel that all these energies and aspects of yourself represented by this chakra system are fully empowered, fully activated and shining through you into the world.

You feel secure (root), inspired (sacral), powerful (navel), peaceful (heart), authrntic (throat), wise (third eye), and purposeful (crown). Or you can substitute other words, other energies, from those each chakra represents.

The point is that each of these is shining through you as a light, creating your own unique rainbow – and that this is the energy you vibrate out into the world.

Of course, rainbows also represent abundance… that pot of gold the leprechaun is supposedly hiding at the end. But what is abundance? Abundance is not just about money and material wealth, although those may be a part abundance for you. But it’s also about feeling rich and full physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We are very prone to limiting ourselves. We are prone to thinking that if we get this one specific thing – into this school, that job, more money, this vacation, a promotion, that house, a new partner, married, divorced, a baby, this person’s respect, that person’s attention – we will be happy. But of course that’s rarely true.

At best, we get what we want and are happy for a time but eventually move onto the next want. At worst, we don’t get what we want and are disappointed. With Rainbow Abundance, you are taking a break from this cycle each time you activate it to just sit in the full-on energies of each of your chakras – and open to what happens.

Getting started

For Rainbow Abundance, you are drawing upon the image of light shining through gemstones (although you don’t need to have them) in each of your chakras. White light is shining in your back and, as it comes through each gemstone, a rainbow is created out your front. You can think of yourself overall as a crystal, refracting white light from your back into a rainbow emanation out your front.

You will also work with one word related to each chakras. You could choose from:

  • Root – Safe, calm, grounded, resilient, stable, vital
  • Sacral – Inspired, passionate, fluid, adaptable, creative, feminine
  • Navel – Powerful, determined, centred, confidant, focused
  • Heart – Loving, loved, balanced, worthy, peaceful, funny
  • Throat – Expressive, authentic, clear, honest, receptive
  • Third Eye – Intuitive, imaginative, insightful, wise, still, deep
  • Crown – Connected, faith-filled, spiritual, purposeful, meaningful

As you say these words, attempt to feel the state they represent, rather than putting them into an affirmational “I am” format. Select your word for each chakra before you begin.

Step 1 – Sit with an aligned spine and take a few deep breaths to centre yourself.

Step 2 – Imagine there’s white light pouring into the back of your body. Depending on your spiritual or religious beliefs, you can conceive of this light as God, Goddess, Spirit, Source etc or as simply energy in its primordial form. This light is luminous, powerful and radiant.

Step 3 – Visualise a red crystal-like gemstone at your tailbone. Imagine that this white light is coming in the back of this crystal at your tailbone, then it’s refracted out the front as a beautiful red light. This radiant red light is emanating out the front of you, even with your root chakra. Sit with this light for a while and then say your chosen root chakra word with feeling and intention.

Step 4 – Let the visual of your root chakra light go – we will bring all of the lights together in the end. For now, repeat this step with your sacral chakra. Visualise an orange-gold gemstone, located in your sacral chakra. See white light pouring in the back of your body through this orange-gold gemstone and radiating out the front of your pelvis as orange-gold light. Sit with this light for a while, then say your chosen sacral chakra word with feeling and intention.

Step 5 – Repeat this step for the remaining chakras, one at a time. In each case, see white light flowing into your back, radiating through a gemstone of the colour associated with whichever chakra you are on:

  • Navel – Yellow
  • Heart – Green
  • Throat – Blue
  • Third Eye – Purple
  • Crown – Indigo

Sit with the light radiating through this chakra for a while and then say your chosen chakra word with intention and feeling.

Step 6 – Now visualise the white light radiating through all seven chakra gemstones at once. Build your visual one chakra at a time, from the root up. Then really sit with this feeling of white light pouring into the back of your body, radiating through these crystals and emanating out the front as your unique rainbow of light. Sit in this for as long as you like, then dissolve the visualisation and get up and go about your day.

Using Rainbow Abundance

Rainbow Abundance is like a bath of light – all of your chakras are cleansed at once, allowing them to shine forth in their full brilliance. You could use this empowerment as a meditation each day, or at the end of a meditation or prayer practice, if you have one. Or you could use it once a week, once a month, or whenever you feel out of sorts. Let go of trying to figure out your life and thinking about what you need to fix, change or release. Just sit in your own brilliance for a time and let that rainbow lead you from within.

This empowerment is from Lisa’s book, Chakra Empowerment for Women, which focuses on challenges that women often face in owning their power, balancing work and family, and maintaining physical and emotional health.

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