Summer 2020: 5 things to do this season

Things to do, places to go and people to see to enhance your health and wellbeing this Summer

Embrace mask couture

Now that masks are mandatory on public transport and many shops, you might want to invest in some sustainable face wear. With lots of brands now diversifying into fabric face coverings, there are certainly plenty of designs to choose from.

The British Fashion Council and Bags of Ethics have teamed up to create ‘Great British Designer Face Coverings: Reusable for People and Planet’ – selling reusable, non-medical designer face coverings designed by Halpern, Julien Maconald, Liam Hodges, Mulberry, RAEBURN and RIXO to raise £1 million for charity.

You’ll soon be able to pick one up in selected Boots and Sainsbury’s stores, as well as online.

Alternatively, if you buy a mask from SEED Madagascar, you’ll be helping to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people from Covid-19. For every mask you buy here in the UK, the charity will commission another five to be made and distributed in Madagascar, the poorest country in the world.

Outdoor yoga

It’s the perfect time of year to take your yoga practise outdoors – in the garden, in the woods, or on the beach. Just being out in green space reduces anxiety, stress and mental fatigue and improves mood. And, of course, yoga is known to have endless benefits for our health and wellbeing. Put yoga and the outdoors together and you have double the therapy!

Why not make the most of the experience by treating yourself to a new yoga mat? We love this Eco Travel Yoga Mat from Organic Apoteke whose materials are biodegradable and sustainably sourced.

Deepen your connection with tea

Enjoy a traditional Taiwan tea ceremony wherever you are in the world with LiYIng Limmm of When Still Waters Speak, who is offering free sessions streamed live from her Edinburgh home.

LiYing offers a beautiful introduction to the sacred, meditative art and its wellness benefits – currently via her Facebook and instagram feeds. The tea ceremony involves sitting in noble silence as bowls of tea are served and returned in an ebb and flow that takes around an hour, followed by questions and reflections.

LiYing says this meditation in motion has led her to experience a wonderful awakening and introspection which she is now keen to share with others. The tea she uses is known as living tea, which is seed-propagated and free from pesticides, fertilisers and agrochemicals – which LiYing says is vital for the true healing powers of the tea leaves to be released.

Summer stargazing

Many people think stargazing equals telescopes. While telescopes are fantastic instruments, they’re not essential, especially when you’re starting out, says Stephen Mackintosh, who is partner astronomer at The Torridon hotel in the Highlands.

In fact, Stephen says some of the best stargazing experiences are those unhindered by equipment – gazing up at the band of our Milky Way galaxy, tracing out the brightest stars within a constellation, observing the rising Moon next to a bright planet or sitting out on a deck chair during an active meteor shower.

Foraging Fortnight online

We may have missed out on the Scottish Wild Food Festival, but the good news is there’s a virtual Foraging Fortnight festival to be held on Orkney this Summer.

The line-up includes ethnobotanist Anna Canning; food writer Wendy Barrie, who is partnering with local bakers and foragers to host a live cooking demonstration, and artist Lin Chau, who will be demonstrating how to make paper from wild ingredients.

Other events across the region will include virtual island outings, foraging talks, and wilderness training – the majority of which will be free and streamed live here between 29 August and 13 September.

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