Research reveals Edinburgh and Dundee home to most eco-friendly high streets

Over the last few years, the UK has been doing more and more to contribute to an eco-friendlier way of living. Whether it’s ditching plastic straws for reusable ones, or substituting your meat for a vegan option.

Research is consistently revealing that the growing popularity of eco-friendly life choices is slowly starting to reflect on Britain’s ever-evolving high streets, with increases in vegan restaurants, recycling centres, charity shops and independent businesses being demonstrated. 

The experts at SaveOnEnergy created an index by extracting and analysing data on the concentration of recycling hubs, vegan cafes, charging stations and more on each high street to crown the most eco-friendly in the UK.

And it turns out that Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and the Nethergate and High Street in Dundee are among the UK’s most eco-friendly streets.

Image: Nethergate, Dundee – Graham Robson

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