Scottish wellbeing expert ‘JJ’ brings alchemy to internet radio

A new show has launched on UK Health Radio dedicated to helping us thrive no matter what’s happening in our lives.

It’s called Alchemy 1.01 and is presented by Scottish wellbeing expert and coach JJ Stenhouse who promises a golden hour snapshot of information and inspiration.

“I’m delighted to have this opportunity,” says JJ (pictured above), who is passionate about helping people live more authentic, pure and healthy lives.

“Every week my aim is to bring you a nugget or two that will help you ride the changes we’re seeing across the world. It’s alchemy for beginners.”

The show highlights ways to step up and turn our individual and collective base metal into pure gold.

“I’m featuring chats with experts, businesspeople and health professionals all creating positive change for wellbeing in society,” JJ explains.

“We have tips on how to minimise the health impacts of all patterns and practices that weigh us down.”

“We also dig into how to work with nature rather than against it for optimal wellbeing, explore how to live a full life while doing no harm to our world, including ourselves.”

Sounds like radio gold!

Tune in here

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