How to avoid tooth decay, cavities and maintain a healthy smile this Halloween

With restrictions on group gatherings and the government discouraging trick-or-treating, it’s going to be an unconventional Halloween. But deals on sweets and treats during the spooky season are so tempting. Beware the risk of dental cavities this Autumn!

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, who is the chief clinical officer for teledentistry pioneer SmileDirectClub, explains how to keep our mouths healthy after eating our kids’ Halloween sweets. 

It’s obviously best to limit intake on sweets and sugary snacks as they can lead to cavities and poor oral health but, if you do get carried away, here are some tips to maintain your healthy smile. 

1.      Some sweets are actually more harmful than others. The ones that are sticky and dissolve slower contain added acids and should be avoided. Chocolate is usually a better option than a chewy fruit-flavoured sweet with citric acid. 

2.      Be sure to rinse your mouth out after eating your sugary snack if you cannot brush. Brush or use a mouthwash as soon as possible to remove any leftover sugar residue in your mouth. Most mouthwashes contain fluoride, which is good for your tooth enamel. 

3.      To practise good oral health habits daily, I always strongly recommend brushing your teeth after every meal and floss once a day.

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