Life after eczema: CNM graduate Camilla discovers the secret to glowing skin

Camille Knowles has conquered her lifelong battle with eczema through healthy and nutritious food choices – and has even penned a book on the subject, with the help of the College of Naturopathic Medicine

I am one of the 330 million people worldwide who have eczema. It has had a huge impact on my childhood and teenage years – right into adulthood.

I was diagnosed with the chronic skin condition at just six years old. I led a life where I would be constantly covering up my skin, hiding away and avoiding social occasions.

The condition became so debilitating that I was hospitalised and told that there was nothing anyone could do to cure my eczema. So, I turned to my diet and attempted to manage my skin through food and drink intake.

However, this obsession surrounding food took its toll on my health and instead of healing my skin, I developed a huge fear of food.

Fortunately, CNM ignited my passion for all things natural. I first completed a short course on how to make natural skincare products and later trained to become a Natural Chef.

I quickly discovered that eating well and nourishing my skin from the inside, as well as the outside, was a key principle in reducing my eczema symptoms.

The course not only helped me fall back in love with food, but the expertise and knowledge I gained allowed me to design recipes which could benefit others too.

‘The Beauty of Eating Well’ by Camille Knowles is a recipe book that puts the freedom and fun back into food but with a huge focus on nutritional value.

All my recipes are free from dairy, eggs, gluten and refined sugar but are full of colour, flavour and passion. The dishes are all designed to make skin glow, not just for those with eczema, but for anyone who wishes to transform dull, sensitive and dry skin.

I am so grateful to CNM. Not only has it helped me become an eczema warrior, but the courses have helped me build a thriving business which truly helps others apply a holistic approach to living a life beyond eczema.

CNM Principal Hermann Keppler said: “Congratulations, Camille, on creating this wonderful cookbook of beautiful recipes for those wishing to see the benefits of glowing skin.

Hermann Keppler

“We at CNM believe health is accessed from within, that food is medicine and medicine is food, and that there is no greater joy in life than overcoming an obstacle.

“Well done for using your qualifications and skills unselfishly: to educate, to help, and to reach others. I wish you the best in this journey, for this is only the beginning.”

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