PreTea’s top tips for a mindful workout

Busy schedules, distractions, and tiredness often stop us from enjoying our fitness journeys, but Perthshire-based entrepreneur Paul Cooper shares how mindfulness changed his workouts and helped him appreciate life on a new level. In early 2018 he launched PreTea, a loose leaf, energy-boosting performance drink, to bring that experience to others.

Living In The Moment

Think about those times when you go to exercise with the best of intentions but spend most of the time with your thoughts elsewhere. Watching the clock tick, thinking about your next to-do item, and completely missing out on the joy of being present.

With Mindfulness, you’re more likely to relieve excess stress, feel happier, and even improve our physical performance. When we pay attention to what we’re doing, our body and mind connect. By taking a mindful approach we unlock the full mental and physical benefits of exercise.

So how can you exercise more mindfully? Put down the super-caffeinated energy shots for a start, and take a few deep breaths. For centuries, green teas have been an effective, wholesome way to unleash the body’s energy stores, helping you pay attention to what you’re doing in the moment, tune into the natural way, and put the kettle on!

While waiting for the kettle to boil and preparing your PreTea infusion, remind yourself of the following benefits of being mindful:

  • Connect more meaningfully with your body. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the progress you’re making; you’ll experience more enjoyment from your exercise.
  • Boost your results. Focusing on the here and now helps you improve your technique and stamina, taking your fitness to a new, higher level.
  • Greater satisfaction. By tuning in to your body you’ll feel more motivated. This way, when you’re finished, you’re more likely to feel satisfied that you gave it your all.

Paul says: “PreTea is about proving to yourself that it’s possible to reach your fitness goals without burning yourself out. This way you can achieve amazing long lasting results, rather than a quick fix.”

PreTea, Mindfulness, and Purpose

Sometimes, it’s normal to zone out when you exercise. But when you’re too distracted, it’s easy to lose touch with your sense of purpose. Whether it’s to improve your fitness, your performance, or your mental well-being, PreTea is loaded with natural antioxidants that will help you get there. It gives you the enhanced concentration and mental stamina you need to take a tough workout to the next level. Without crashing down later.

Unlike conventional green tea, PreTea has added fruit oils, for exciting flavour infusions such as: Tart Cherry & Turmeric, Pineapple, Coconut & Ginseng, and even Sour Green Apple!

“When exercising, PreTea gives you the enhanced concentration and mental stamina you need to push harder when it counts.”

Getting in The Zone

Every time an athlete mentions getting ‘in the zone,’ they’re talking about a meditative state. PreTea founder Paul Cooper describes it as a mindset that’s defined by purpose, focus, and being present. It’s critical to any physical exercise, he believes, because it helps you recognise “when you can push harder and when you need to back off.”

This awareness – this connection with your body – helps you understand the difference between laziness and genuine exhaustion; it drives you to achieve your fitness goals. Paul calls it “peak performance mindfulness,” an objective way of seeing things that lets you truly appreciate your capabilities while avoiding burnout and injuries.

If you’re fighting to complete a difficult race or session, being mindful can seem especially tough. But it’s precisely what you need to cross the finish line.

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