Power up with 10% off Dream Magic Superfood Powders to boost immunity

Fancy 10% off affordable superfood nutrition to help boost your immune system, energy and concentration levels, sleep quality and skin health?

Or to relieve symptoms associated with menopause and PMT (Pre-Menstrual Tension)?

Dream Magic Superfood Powders is offering exactly that to all Good Health Magazine readers.

All you have to do is visit the Dream Magic Superfood Powders website, choose which one of its three health-boosting blends you’d like, and enter the code ‘HOLISTIC10’ when you checkout.

Or you could power up with all three Dream Magic Superfood Powders. Each blend is packed full of vitamins and minerals to help with the following:

Green 💚- Gut Health, Immune Support, Increased Energy, PMT Support
Red ❤️- Replacement of Lost Fluids, Menopause Support, Energy Conversion.
Blue 💙- Skin Health, Stress and Sleep Support, Mental Clarity and Focus.

Plus there’s new Dream Magic Black Powder – a health-boosting blend combining Arabica coffee, Chaga mushroom, Lion’s Mane mushroom, and Rhodiola herb.

Find out more, or shop, here.

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