Are low ABV hard-seltzers the key to balancing fitness and fun?

For athletes, finding ways to enjoy downtime can be difficult, particularly if social occasions come with extra temptations. But marathon runner Nick Butter says it’s all about striking a balance between being as fit as you can be, while still having some fun.

Nick Butter is well known as the man who has run a marathon in every country around the world. But, to get to that level of peak fitness, Nick has been disciplined: training hard, setting mileage targets and even stopping drinking alcohol to stay on track.

“As an athlete, I need to keep my body working in top gear to achieve my goals, and drinking alcohol interfered with that,” he says.

Nick Butter

“I made the decision four years ago to stop drinking and stuck to it completely, until I was introduced to Berczy Hard Seltzers. Enjoying a can of Berczy is a light relief that doesn’t interfere with my physical goals, and improves my down time, while also keeping me away from drinking strong spirits and stodgy beer which slow my body down and interfere with my training. Instead, Berczy leaves me feeling refreshed, more than any other alcohol I’ve tasted.”

Hard seltzers are becoming hugely popular in the UK as a light and refreshing choice for the modern and health-conscious person. With low ABVs, low calories and carbs, natural credentials and often no added sugar, many fitness fans are switching to them so they can still have some fun, while hitting their goals.

Berczy produces three delicious fruity alcoholic sparkling waters: Lemon & Lime, Passionfruit & Turmeric and Peach & Raspberry – which Good Health editor and blogger Lynda Hamilton Parker decided to review for herself.

“It’s just one of a new breed of hard-seltzers which manage to pull off great-tasting canned alcoholic drinks that won’t compromise your fitness plans or, if consumed in moderation, your health,” she says.

“With Summer on its way (soon, I promise), these little cans are the perfect accompaniment to picnics and BBQs if you’re not driving. Each one is 100% natural – without any additives or chemicals – and combines an invigorating blend of British sparkling spring water and real fruit flavours.

“At just 75 calories per 250ml can and a low ABV of 4% (1 UK unit), you can afford to indulge without worrying about sabotaging your healthy eating plans. No hangover either? Result!”

Nick has been a brand ambassador for Berczy for a year and, having run the world, what’s next?

“Some may say it’s time to put my feet up, but no, my feet are firmly on the floor and ready to take on the next challenge.

“Over the coming four years I have four expeditions in four different counties, all to provide training for my biggest attempt yet in 2023, which will mark a groundbreaking moment in endurance running. I’m scared but excited to give it a go!”

Look out for our Drink Me feature covering other healthy drink alternatives this Summer.

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