How to fuel your runs naturally and sustainably

When you’re deep into your long run, miles clocked on your tracker, you hit that moment when you feel your energy failing and you just need that boost to make it to the end.

Alongside jelly babies, wine gums and other sugary sweets, the runners’ market is overflowing with science fuelled supplements to help you make it through your mileage.

From gels to drinks, powders to supplements; there are so many on offer it’s easy to get lost in a sea of great products.

The good news is, with more products boasting natural sources of energy, fuelling your runs with natural sources is easier than ever. But there are so many nutritious and natural sources of energy fuel to choose from. To help you make an informed decision, we have listed some favourites below:

Active Root

Active Root is a Scottish nutrition company providing many natural products to help fuel and aid recovery from your runs. So many gels full of sugars and chemicals causing nausea and stomach distress, but Active Root was created to combat this.

The products contain 100% natural ingredients and the Active Root gel mix comes in a reusable soft flask and compostable refill bags to help reduce the amount of gel packet litter that’s taking over trails and tracks.

The products all contain ginger to settle your stomach, which is perfect if you struggle to digest heavy artificial gels.

Alongside a gel, Active Root also produces energy and electrolyte drinks – perfect to get you re-hydrated after a long run. Each of the drinks are developed with natural ingredients to help fuel your body the right way.


HiDrate is a great product to take along with you for those long run days. A small sachet that you mix into you drink, it provides natural electrolytes to keep your energy levels up as you clock your miles.

Containing root ginger, this drink stops you from feeling nauseous and bloated as its ingredients are all natural with no artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

It energises, hydrates and rebalances and the addition of HiDrate electrolytes to your water speeds up the body’s absorption of water, helping you feel energised for longer and getting you through your run.

Mawe Vitamin Energy

When looking for caffeine free energy drinks to boost you before you run, Mawé is an excellent, vitamin-powered alternative.

Enhanced with essential vitamins B5, B6 and B12, Mawé is a great combat for fatigue and lethargy before you lace up.

Caffeine free, with no artificial flavours or preservatives, the drink is flavoured purely by guarana fruit from Brazil, fresh pear and apple – making it a great energy drink alternative to give you a well-needed boost.

Tribal Sports Nutrition

Nutrition company Tribal Sports has recently introduced two energy smoothies to act as energy gels for your long runs. This product came about after founder, Chris Martin, visited rural African communities and learnt the health benefits of baobab fruit and how it can be used for natural energy.

The smoothies use the energising properties of baobab fruit to create natural fuel and energy for runs, as well as using it’s nutrients to help to speed up recovery, helping you get back out on the road sooner.

As a wholly natural product, Tribal Sports has also been able to eliminate the horrible stomach pains that would normally come from gels stuffed with artificial flavourings, while still offering the same energy fuelled by nutrition instead.

Alongside natural energy, the smoothie sachets offer your body vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre.

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