No alcohol? No problem – 6 of the top alcohol-free beers

Each year the alcohol free market gets bigger and bigger. As more people swap alcoholic drinks for their low ABV counterparts, the more choice there is to choose from.

From prosecco to cocktails, beers to wine; the choices are endless for a guilt-free beverage.

Whether you’re ditching alcohol for health reasons, lowering your intake, or if alcohol just isn’t for you, you won’t be stuck for options. There are lots of variants to choose from – and alcohol-free beer is no exception.

With a huge market taking off, many mainstream beer companies are producing their own low ABV options.

Recent studies led by the University of Bristol in BMC Public Health have revealed that people are more likely to choose alcohol-free drinks when they are presented with more choice so it seems there are only more options to come.

With hundreds to choose from, here’s our round-up of top alcohol-free beers….

6 of the top alcohol-free beers

Brewdog Punk AF

Scottish craft beer company Brewdog is known for breaking barriers – not to mention rules – when it comes to making beer. It’s no surprise then that they not only have a selection of top notch alcohol-free beers to choose from, but have recently opened an alcohol-free bar in London.

Brewdog’s alcohol-free bar in London

Punk AF is just one of Brewdog’s alcohol-free beers. Modelled on its flagship beer, Punk IPA, this alcohol-free version tastes so similar to the real deal you forget you’re not consuming alcohol.

No wonder it’s strapline is: “All the attitude, all the flavour but none of the alcohol.”

At just 55 calories a can, it makes choosing alcohol-free over the original a much easier switch.

Big Drop Brewing Co Paradiso Citra IPA

Paradiso Citra IPA is one of the most refreshing alcohol-free beers around. With fruity citrus flavours, it’s definitely one to have on a nice sunny day.

Brewed by alcohol-free brewery Big Drop Brewing, Citra IPA is one of many of its beers created out of frustration for lack of good alcohol-free options.

At only 61 calories per bottle and gluten-free, this is a great choice when you fancy reaching for something a bit healthier.

You can find Paradiso Citra IPA here, as well as in Morrisons, Waitrose and Sainsburys.

Nirvana Brewery Bavarian Helles Lager

Alcohol-free craft beer company Nirvana Brewery launched in 2017 to create alcohol-free craft beers just as tasty as the alcoholic variety.

Bavarian Helles is its flagship lager. At 0.3% ABV, it’s a crisp, golden-coloured lager with malty flavours and is a Great Taste 2017 award winner.

It’s made with 100% natural flavours and is rich in Vitamin B12 and folic acid – and is just 66 calories a bottle!

If you’re wanting to make the healthier choice this year, then Bavarian Helles is one of the beers to choose.

Birra Moretti Zero

Most, if not all, will be familiar with Italian beer brand ‘Birra Moretti’. With increasing demand for alcohol-free beers, the company launched Birra Moretti Zero, the first alcohol free Italian beer, in 2019.

Also coming in at 66 calories a bottle, this alcohol-free option of an already popular beer is easy to pick up in most supermarkets and shops when you fancy a beer, but not the hangover.

Infinite Session American Pale Ale

Infinite Session describes its products as “alcohol-free beer that actually tastes like beer”.

Founded on the belief that flavour is more important than ABV, Infinite Session has just four beers in its portfolio: A pale ale, an IPA, a lager and a bitter.

A can of its American Pale has just 36 calories – much lower than any of its alcoholic counterparts. Its smooth, tropical hops flavour lives up to the brand’s own review… an alcohol-free beer that really does taste like beer.

St. Peter’s Without Organic

This full-bodied alcohol-free beer is a great option when you want to reach for something a bit more natural and healthy. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Without Organic is a vegan, organic and completely alcohol-free beer.

Created by St. Peter’s brewery in Suffolk, this beer is almost as good as the real thing – with a slight malt flavour and sweet finish to top it off.

A rich golden ale, this beer is excellent for craft beer lovers who want to pick a healthier alternative.

With three alcohol-free beers to choose from, St. Peter’s brewery prides itself on its healthy and natural brewing process.

Where to Buy Alcohol-Free Beers

Brewdog Brewdog’s website has an excellent selection of alcohol-free beers. With permanent beers Punk AF, Nanny State, and Lost Lager AF, as well as regularly offering alcohol-free versions of some of its most popular beers.

Sobersauce Sobersauce has a varied range of alcohol-free beers for all tastes. If you’re new to low ABV beers, its discovery box has a wide range of readily-available beers to help you dip your toes into the world of alcohol-free beer – with some of the beers already mentioned featuring in the box.

Dry Drinker – Online retailer Dry Drinker not only has a massive selection of alcohol-free beers to choose from, but has wine and spirit options too.

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