Good water: The number one nutrient for our bodies

Water for Health founder Roddy Macdonald explains how quality water plays a key role in our health and wellbeing over and above simple hydration

To the majority of people, water is just H20. As far as health is concerned, to most people it’s just the inert liquid that fills the spaces between the cells. Yet this commonly held perspective is very far from the real properties of water.

There’s an increasing body of research that is proving water is not just a simplistic substance, it has a key role in our health and wellbeing.  We are seeing the impact of dehydration in many manifestations of disease. Whether it be in heart health, brain health, digestive health or hormonal health, water has an important role to play.

Leading water researcher Dr Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington made the discovery that there is a fourth phase of water and this water which has gel like characteristics is the water that surrounds healthy cells. This water is referred to as Essential Zone (EZ) water.

He says the water that surrounds the cells has a profound impact on the health of the cells. It does seem strange that the cell has been the prime focus of research over the years, yet the water that surrounds the cells, which is the largest proportion of our bodies, has been largely ignored.

If we are going to give the body the ability to build plenty of EZ water, we must start consuming water that is clean and of good structure – water which has good energy. We live in an increasingly polluted planet with residues of many toxic chemicals percolating our water supply. It’s essential we remove as much of these as possible.

Water Structure – the Key to Better Absorption

In addition to cleanliness the water that we drink needs to have good structure. Water does not exist as a single molecule of H20. It forms clusters of molecules that are bonded together in countless permutations. 

In the Far East they regard the best arrangement of water molecules as hexagonal water, an arrangement of six water molecules around an alkaline mineral such as magnesium or calcium. They consider this to be the best type of water to be absorbed in the body.

This has led to extensive research in Japan and Korea into mechanisms to improve the structure of the water that we drink so as to nourish our cells. Initially that approach focused on electrolysis, splitting the water into alkaline and acid streams with the alkaline stream understood to offer benefits through its alkalinity and structure.

Bioceramic filter media use different combinations of natural minerals to change the water passing through filters to give positive health benefits.

However these processes have been superseded to a large extent by the use of natural minerals and crystals that have particular qualities. Different combinations of these natural minerals in the form of ceramic balls, which are referred to as bioceramics, can be used to improve water structure, in addition to giving the water increased alkalinity and antioxidant properties.

There are different ways that the structure of water can be improved. Magnetism has been used although the results are often very subtle. Vortexing is popular and is often observed in nature as we look at rivers. Light is very effective at structuring water. Some of the bioceramic filter media uses crystals such as tourmaline which emit low levels of infra red light energy, which is understood to be responsible for the restructuring of the water that passes through it.

Water as a Receiver and Transmitter of Information

The later Dr Masura Emoto from Japan spent a lifetime’s research looking at water structure from a different angle. He took different samples of water, froze them and using an electron microscope photographed the crystal images that were formed.

The results of his work are fascinating and a selection of his findings are displayed in his books.  What is apparent is that water stores information and this information affects water structure. The water structure was not just affected by the presence of chemicals but also by other vibrations and even emotions.

When we see the effects on water, we can assume it has a similar effect on our bodies since they are composed of about 70% water. We not only want to hydrate our bodies with water we want to ensure it is going to enhance our wellbeing.

At Water for Health we recognise the value of water to improve human health.  We were one of the first companies to introduce products to enhance the properties of water using bioceramics.

In the 14 years since the company introduced the first bioceramics product the requirement now is even greater. With increased electro magnetic frequencies and stress being so prevalent we need to ensure we maintain our hydration levels. Stress does have a very negative effect on our hydration in addition to disrupting our body pH balance.

There are cost effective options available to transform our tap water into water which is going to better improve our biochemistry and improve our immunity and the health of all our body systems.  Good water should be the No 1 nutrient for our bodies.

Roddy MacDonald, is the founder of Water for Health Ltd, a specialist Scottish based distributor of products to support better hydration and nutrition. Water for Health is the sole distributor for brands such as Biocera, Vibrant Health, WHC and Progurt – all companies which share the same ethos to improve the quality of people’s health naturally.

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