From TV set design to natural healing: Caireen’s recovery story

A serious health diagnosis in 2015 was a major awakening for Caireen Todd which prompted her to swap her career behind the scenes in television and become a reiki and crystal healer. Here, she talks us through her journey.

I worked for more than 20 years as a freelance creative – mainly in film and tv art direction doing graphics and construction draughting for set design.

I worked for a variety of companies, including the BBC, STV, Granada, HBO, Starz, and on projects such as Game of Thrones and Outlander. But after a life-changing diagnosis of breast cancer, I set about my own recovery process.

During surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I really drew strength and recovery from crystal, crystal essences, reiki treatments, and the intervention of the Spiritual realm – and it inspired me to develop Bluestone Vibrational Essences.

My belief is that vibrational, or non-invasive ‘energy medicine’ can support our return to holistic health and will be key in the medical developments of the future.

My intention to do a crystal course ‘for fun’ resulted in an overnight dramatic improvement in the brain fog I endured from chemotherapy – and that was when I decided “I have to get this out there!”

When I think about it, my ‘awakening’ process began in the early 90s and the journey of self-development and interest in the esoteric has continued since then, with my diagnosis being a major call to change my lifestyle.

I now offer Bluestone Vibrational Therapies, based on Bluestone Vibrational Essences, which are handmade healing crystal essences, and offer distance reiki modality healing, crystal healing, intuitive energy and oracle card readings.

I’m also an animal communicator and offer animal readings and healings, including at distance.

Crystals inform and are involved in all parts of my Bluestone practice. They are present in the distance healing sessions and readings and with the animals. 

Every day they amaze me by what they reveal and how they appear at the perfect time as a solution for myself or my clients. 

Bluestone was named after Preseli Bluestone – a stone used at Stonehenge and believed to have been transported there over great distance from Wales. 

It’s said to have powerful metaphysical healing ability and carries a certain mystery. 

The name was also inspired by Archangel Michael who works on the blue ray.

The unique work of Bluestone is to heal, clear and shed light on things that may be hidden or unseen. 

I especially enjoy working with Past Life patterns that may be impressing upon current realities, once the pattern is revealed and we can see how it is playing out in the client’s life. 

I’ve also had this come up in some of the animal sessions with their owners.

I also enjoy doing readings with people who are at a crossroads which usually portents a spiritual shift in their reality.

My creative past developed a strong visionary ability which helps when it comes to ‘seeing’ into what is being presented, or reading the oracle cards.

Bluestone Vibrational Essences are made from the ‘energy signature’ of a Crystal, imbuing the water with the energy pattern and healing potential of the crystal.  It’s then preserved with an alcohol solution such as brandy or vodka.

The range has been created to support people going through grief or bereavement (Relief from Grief), stress or overwhelm (Eye of the Storm), ‘Ascension’ type symptoms or deep healing (Rainbow Mayanite, Ascension Flow and Ancestors).

Many people are familiar with flower essences, such as Bach’s etc. but he crystal essences are less common. Yet they are actually working with the rock and crystal formations of the earth itself, so I believe they share a very special Earth consciousness. 

Working with crystals is all about understanding and resuming our place within nature and on the Earth, and the inherent potential for the Earth to heal itself and therefore ‘US’!

What I also love about the essences is that multiple essences can be made from one crystal which, in turn, reaches and impacts many people.  That feels quite resourceful. 

It’s also a self-healing support, so it’s something the client can be working with on their own terms and hopefully experiencing their own revelations and insights to inform their personal healing. 

It’s empowering to find a healing solution that’s natural.

I make the essences in small batches and am inspired by my guidance, or client enquiries what to make next. 

I started with Bluestone as a business, but I now see it as an extension of my spiritual practice. 

I used to work long hours with a very high ‘perfectionist’ streak for something that was always needed ‘NOW’.  But Bluestone has taught me to slow down, honour the process, and just to start and keep improving.

It doesn’t all pop out pristine and complete, it can be changed, added to, improved, and deepened.

Personally, I also have more time to be outdoors, cook and construct my day as part of the flow around my work.  There is no separation; one informs the other.

I live in a cottage within walking distance of Loch Lomond, with my husband and cat.  I like to walk everyday and interaction with landscape and nature here is so healing, and has been fundamental during this lockdown period. 

As I walk I often take photographs and some have turned into artworks such as the mirrored cloud pictures which can be seen on my instagram page – which began to reveal angels and dragons etc.

Since childhood I have always been a maker and creative and also like to work with fabric, quilting, and collage. 

My long-term aim is to merge my spiritual and creative energies to create new works, after having worked in a commercial environment for so long.  I am also a writer, with a post grad in Screenwriting – and hope to add this to my work.

My dream is to have a studio in the garden, and be self-sufficient in my holistic and creative practice based from home.

The announcement of Covid was my decision to withdraw physical appointments and an opportunity to solely offer distance and online healing and reading sessions.  I could send out the essences which I feel are so useful at this time. 

At the beginning of the first lockdown I was contacted by a lady going through chemotherapy, who was physically and geographically unable to reach a therapist.

My work with her brought me to understand the profound healing ability of distance work – and has been very fulfilling, often receiving guidance or information for the client as I go. 

While I look forward to being able to travel and make contact with others soon, I am enjoying the depth this has presented, and will continue in this form.

It’s environmentally friendly (no travel, less resources, and not geographically limited) and I can also work from home!

It means I have reached people across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia over the last year, both with in-person work and the essences, which have also gone to Japan.

Bluestone Vibrational Essences can currently be bought from my online Etsy shop – which shows the range and descriptions of the individual qualites.

You can also contact me through my facebook page or email me at 

I’m open to enquiries about other services here and a website is planned next. I might not do set design anymore, but I still do all my own artwork!

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