7 natural ways to beat tiredness and chronic fatigue

Edinburgh has been named Britain’s second most energy-deprived city, with 42% of residents reporting they’re more tired than ever as ongoing restrictions lead to chronic lethargy

The study by Olympic energy expert Revvies has revealed that 42% of people in Edinburgh report struggling with extreme tiredness and lethargy in lockdown, in comparison with 37% of people on average across Britain.

By contrast, Brighton has been named as the most energetic city, with only 24% of people reporting lethargy in lockdown. 

As the nation battles a viral pandemic, Brits are also suffering an epidemic of lethargy and constant fatigue brought about by the monotony of the lockdown measures, which have now been in place for the best part of a year.

Britain’s most lethargic cities

  • 1st Liverpool: 50% 
  • 2nd Edinburgh 42% (tied with Southampton and Manchester)
  • 3rd Norwich: 40%

The nation’s consumption of coffee and other energy boosters has skyrocketed in order to feel more awake, but for many this is still leaving them just as tired and depleted as before.

According to Revvies’ research, 15% of people in Edinburgh have developed an addiction to coffee and energy drinks in a desperate attempt to stave off tiredness.

The pandemic and its impacts have been indiscriminate, affecting each and all of us in some way. But, throughout the past year, urban areas have been hit hardest by Covid-19. This has had a knock on effect on the energy of those living in these areas, leaving millions fatigued and depleted. 

So, what can be done to help boost energy levels, without resorting to excess amounts of coffees and unhealthy energy drinks?

Revvies co-founder John Nolan-Neylan discusses the impact of lockown and offers his top tips on how people can naturally boost their energy levels:

“The past year has placed us all under huge strain leaving our energy levels down in the dumps. It is now more important than ever that we take the time to invest in our health by eating well, exercising and taking care of our mental health.

“Caffeine is so popular for a reason – it works. The energy boost it gives us is palpable and allows everyone from tired office workers to elite athletes to make the most of their days.

“However, the research shows that many people are locked into a cycle of consuming energy drinks, bars, gels and other supplements which are packed full of other additives, sugars and chemicals, many of which have adverse health effects, and are not effective at replenishing our energy levels.”

7 ways to beat tiredness and chronic fatigue

1. Get up early and exercise outdoors

The right amount of exercise and sleep will bring the most benefits to your energy levels. According to a study conducted by Appalachian State University, the best time to exercise for weight management and better sleep is at 7 am. Exercising and sleeping well can make yourself more alert, reduce stress, and improve cognitive functioning which is sure to make you more energised to get through the day. During lockdown it might be worth just moving this back to daylight hours because of the next point.

2. Vitamin D and light exposure

Being confined to our homes during the winter months is sure to have an impact on our Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is known to help our bodies keep healthy and fight infections; as such, exposure to light is really essential- especially during this lockdown. To perk yourself up, and to get a break from the indoors, try to spend your lunch breaks outside- go for a walk and give yourself a change of scenery. If the weather doesn’t allow you to do so, make sure your food is rich in Vitamin D-oily fish, mushrooms, fortified dairy and non-dairy substitutes.

3. Use caffeine to your advantage

Revvies Energy Strips contain either 40mg or 100mg of caffeine in each serving – which is roughly equivalent to either a cup of tea or coffee respectively. Dissolving on the tongue in seconds they provide a faster pick me up to help you perform at your peak. Used by professional sports teams and Olympic athletes, you can take them without any water for a convenient and rapid boost of energy. Taking a Revvies sugar-free strip in a moment of fatigue, or just at the end of the working day, will give you the alertness and energy you need to help you make the most of your day.

4. Have some ‘mindful’ me time, and meditate

Practicing mindfulness, and particularly engaging in a simple meditation practice, has been linked to a host of cognitive benefits. Allowing yourself some time to relax, quiet the mind, and focus on regular, smooth breathing can boost the brain’s executive functions, reduce impulsive and emotional behaviour, improve mood, and leave you feeling energised. This is an especially effective technique after a draining workday to achieve a productive, feel-good evening.  

5. Drink plenty of water

A study conducted at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory found that being even mildly dehydrated can have effects on your mood, energy level and ability to think clearly. Fatigue can be caused by the lack of hydration in your cells; in order to optimise the production of energy from food, it is essential you drink enough water and avoid being dehydrated at all times. 

6. Eat well

A good diet is a very easy way of making sure that your energy levels are up- while we are at home, learning to cook and trying new recipes is sure to be fun, and can also help to stimulate your brain! To make sure you are fuelling your body with energy, you must make sure that the foods you are eating benefit your gut microbiome- try incorporating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit into your everyday meals. A good mixture of protein, iron, fibre and carbohydrates will help your body release the energy it has gained slowly throughout the day- helping you stay energised for longer. 

7. Take a power nap

A power nap is just that – powerful! Research shows that you can make yourself more alert, reduce stress, and improve cognitive functioning with a nap, particularly around the middle of the day. A power nap is especially effective if you’ve not managed to get a good night of sleep – even a short, 20-minute nap will re-energise you and help you to power through the end of the working day and beyond. 

Revvies is a high performance nutrition company, working with Olympians, triathletes and elite level runners and cyclists to help them perform at their peak.

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